Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software

Adobe Premiere Pro – a program with which you can perform non-linear video editing, as well as most of the post-processing processes of video and audio. This is one of the most popular products on the market for professional video software. With Adobe Premiere Pro, many representatives of the film industry work – in particular, the films “The Social Network” and the new film by David Fincher “Disappeared” were mounted in it.

Some experts in the field of filmmaking called Adobe Premiere Pro best program for video editing. It is no coincidence that it is used by such market giants as the BBC and NBC channels.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Why is Adobe Premiere Pro very popular?

Now on the market are many programs for video processing. But it was Premiere Pro that won fame for its quality and convenience. Let’s try to figure out why.

A significant advantage is the ability to integrate with other Adobe products. Most professionals use Adobe Premiere Pro in conjunction with Photoshop and After Effects. In this way, many tasks are solved that are set for themselves by employees of television, cinema, advertising, or ordinary amateurs who shoot video.

Those who have decided to study video editing for the first time are wondering which program to start with? What to stop in the first place – on Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro?

Everyone decides for himself. However, for clarity, you can draw an analogy that will make a lot clear. Adobe Premier Pro in conjunction with After Effects, this is the use of a professional Canon Mark “X” camera in manual mode settings. And work in Sony Vegas Pro – shooting on an amateur camera Canon 550D in auto mode. Shooting this way is much easier, but a true professional will never prefer convenience – the ability to set the settings yourself.

The choice of program depends on the specific requirements and needs of the user. If you do not need to perform complex video operations, and you will only need to solve simple tasks, like cutting and basic editing, you should consider Sony Vegas Pro. This program is less resource intensive and easier to learn. But for the solution of more complex professional tasks you will need Adobe Premier Pro.

This program has many advantages, the main ones are listed below:

– The program interface is simple and intuitive. There are no excess buttons and clutter of icons.

Excellent implemented trimming function. You can work with the joints of clips using either the mouse or using the keyboard.

Work with audio files is convenient and well thought out. The Audio Clip Mixer tool allows you to work with key points in automatic mode and record them directly in the mixer.

Virtually all operations can be performed through hotkeys, significantly saving time. The layout, if necessary, is customized individually. Also, the user can synchronize the settings of Adobe Premiere Pro through the cloud service Creative Cloud. So your workspace will be accessible from any remote computer.

A big plus is the stability of the program. Premier Pro does not present any unpleasant surprises at work; you will not encounter a hang or loss of an unsaved project.

Would you rather appreciate all the advantages of the program in practice? Then choose the way you learn Adobe Premiere Pro. There are enough reviews and lessons on the Internet – but most of them are intended for an English-speaking audience. Although the interface of the program is very understandable, there is a risk of missing the possibilities of some tools and limit yourself in work.

One of the options is training on paper benefits. But it will take a lot of time, and the lack of visual material will significantly complicate the understanding of the functions of the program. Therefore, the ideal way is Adobe Premiere Pro video tutorials, thanks to which even a beginner will learn how to work with the program. The site you can find many materials, including lessons, reviews and articles. The site owners are constantly adding new information so that you can upgrade your skills in this direction.

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