Angel breath

This Photoshop tutorial is about creating animations.

“Angel breath” will be called this work.

Create a new document. 300 * 300 px
Fill with some warm gradient.

Now find the figure of the angel.
I took from our site here.

Place the angel figure on the document.
Apply a gradient overlay to your shape, the same shades are only much lighter.

Duplicate the angel layer 2 times.
For the first copy, apply the Gaussian Blur filter, select the value yourself, as long as your shape becomes something like this:

Repeat the same with the second copy, only increase the filter value a little to make it look like this:

Hide the top two layers and go to the program. Image Ready.

1. At the moment in the animation line you should have only one frame with the first angel.

Immediately change the frame delay time to 0 sec !!!

2. Click on the button “duplicate frame” ()

3. Now go to the layers palette and turn on the eye opposite the first copy (slight blur).

4. Stand on the second frame and press the “multiply” button (highlighted in red), in the appeared window select the number of copies 7.

5. Click again. and turn on the eye opposite the second copy (very blurred).

6. Next, “multiply” on 7 PC.

7. We repeat the operation again: click on and turn off the eyes from the two upper layers, i.e. back to the original.

8. “Multiply” by 7 PC.

If I wrote everything correctly, you should be able to 25 frames, everyone should have time 0 sec.

Return to the beginning, select the way to play the animation Forever (endlessly) and click on the button Play, to see the result.

If everything suits you, then run in the menu File – Save optimized as … (File – Save Optimized as …)

In the window indicate the place, name and format:

This is what should happen:

See you at www.!

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