Animated Christmas tree in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will draw and animate Christmas tree.

Create a new document with the size of 400 * 400 pixels and a resolution of 72 ppi, the background color is white. Default foreground and background colors (black / white) Rigid round brush with a diameter of 10 pixels, draw a “star”, reduce the size of the brush to 5 pixels and draw the “rays”.

Our “krakozyabra” we will use to draw the Christmas tree. To do this, you need to define a brush. Go menu Editing> Define Brush (Edit> Define Brush Preset) and call our brush “Needles”. You can save it later in the menu. Editing> Set Management (Edit> Preset Manager).
Increasing the canvas size to 500 pixels vertically: Image> Canvas Size (Image> Canvas Size) and fill with black Alt+Delete (Backspace).
Set foreground color # 009573. On the toolbar, select the tool Oval area (Elliptical Marquee Tool) with feathering (feather) 50 pix. And we draw such an oval, the selection is filled with the main color.

Then choose the tool Brush (Brush) and turn on the F5 Brush Palette. For the brush “Needles” make the following settings:

Create a new layer, call it “Christmas Tree” and begin to draw our Christmas tree with jerky strokes.

When the base is finished, change the blending mode for the brush to Multiplication (Multiply) and reduce the diameter to 25 pixels. Every next stroke dims the main color.

Again we reduce the size of the brush to 15 pixels and draw the extreme thin branches of the Christmas tree.

Apply the effect to the layer with the Christmas tree Internal glow (Inner Glow):

Create another layer. Primary color – white, brush size 25 pix. We draw several “snow-covered” branches, and then change the layer blending mode to Soft light (Soft Light). Merge with the previous layer Ctrl+E. If the tree is more like a shaggy triangle, then do not worry. All interested can answer that this tree is a new “mountainous” breed.

Now draw a snowball. Below the layer with the Christmas tree we will create a new layer, let’s call it “Snow”. Set foreground color # e9f3f5 and select the “Spatter” brush from the standard Assorted Brushes set. Size – 55 pixels. Single strokes (one click of the mouse) will paint a snowbank.

We have three layers: “Background”, “Snow” and “Christmas Tree”. Create another layer. On it we will draw beads.
Let’s draw beads with a rigid round brush with a diameter of 8 pixels in colors, as in the screenshot. (You can also use the tool Pen (Pen) in contour mode: draw contours, and then stroke the contour with a brush, increasing the last intervals.

Apply the following styles to the “Beads” layer:

Now let’s hang Christmas balls on the Christmas tree. We will not draw “Hangs” on which the balls on the Christmas tree are holding – finely, but if you want … So, create a new layer, let’s call it “Balls”. For the primary color, select – #fce758, for background – # 897805. Using tool Oval area (Elliptical Marquee) while holding Shift, draw a circle. Choose a tool Gradient (Gradient Tool) mode Radial and fill the selection.

We will multiply and “hang” our balls on the Christmas tree using the tool Move (Move Tool) and hold Alt. Get several layers with balls. Select them and combine them into one Ctrl+E. For the layer with balls, apply the Noise filter: Filter> Noise> Add Noise (Filter> Noise> Add Noise).

And then add layer effects:

Now draw a star. Set foreground color # d30000. For drawing we will use the tool Arbitrary shape Custom Shape Tool) in layer-shape mode. Holding Shift evenly stretch this asterisk:

Use a hard brush to decorate the edges of the star (optional). Then using Polygonal lasso(Polygonal Lasso Tool) “let’s draw” the foot and fill the selection with the main color.

The asterisk is located at the top, scalable. Then apply layer styles.

It turned out almost “beauty”) You can even stop at this. But we will go ahead and add lights.
For drawing we use a soft brush: hardness (hardness) – 0%, diameter 20 pixels. Create a new layer and draw the lights like in the picture, any color can be used. I have it #ffff00 and #ff008a.

Duplicate the lights layer 6 times and rename for convenience. The first layer is 1-8, the second is 2-9 and further: 3-10, 4-11, 5-12, 6-13, 7-14. The numbers are the frame numbers of the future animation.

To make the lights “blink” in different colors, use the Color tone command ..: Image> Correction> Hue / Saturation(Image> Adjustments> Hue / Saturation) – Ctrl+U

For layer 1-8 Leave the colors as they are. For other layers, change the saturation (hue):
2-9 > -160, 3-10 > -110, 4-11 > -30, 5-12 > 20, 6-13 > 50, 7-14 > 130
The background seems somewhat empty and dull, so I will add asterisks on a new layer (above the “Background” layer). I will not animate them, I will leave them static. For drawing I use a round soft brush with a diameter of 5 pixels. In the settings brush set Size fluctuations (Size Jitter) 50%. Blend mode change to Soft light (Soft Light) and add layer style External glow (Outer Glow).

It remains to draw only “sparkles” – glitters that will flicker on the Christmas tree.
I choose a brush StarburstSmall. Diameter at the discretion, but within 30 pixels, otherwise it will be too large, although as you like). Size fluctuations (Size Jitter) – 60% Intervals (Spacing) – 120%. I create three layers above all layers and draw glitter on each tree on each one.

In order not to be confused further, let’s name the layers “Glitter” and enumerate “frame by frame”, as in the screenshot:

Now we will start animation.
Open the animation palette: menu Window> Animation (Window> Animation)

For the first frame we have the following layers included: “Background”, “Stars”, “Snow”, “Christmas Tree”, “Beads”, “Balls” and “Star”. That is, all layers should be visible, as in the screenshot above. For the first frame, we leave everything unchanged. Duplicate it by clicking the mouse on the corresponding icon in the Animation palette. The second frame should be highlighted in blue for editing.
Change layers: “Balloons” and “Star”.
“Balls”: open in the palette layer effects layer, select External glow (Outer Glow) and change the size of the glow (size) to 12 pixels.

“Star”: change the size External glow (Outer Glow) by 50 pixels.

Create intermediate frames (Tweens Animation Frames) in an amount of 6 pieces)

Being on the eighth frame, we make changes to the layer effects of “Balls” and “Stars”: return External glow (Outer Glow) in the starting position.
“Balls”: size 6 pixels, “Star”: size 5 pixels.
Again add intermediate frames, 6 pieces.
So, we have a fourteen-frame animation)
Now we will “light” the lights. In principle, all actions can be carried out in parallel, but for those who are just starting to work with animation (and for me too) it is more convenient to step by step.
Go to the first frame of the animation and turn on the layer 1-8. Next, go to the second frame of the animation and turn on the layer 2-9 (1-8 disable). And so on until the 14th frame:

Frame 1 – Layer 1-8
Frame 2 – Layer 2-9
Frame 3 – Layer 3-10
Frame 4 – Layer 4-11
Frame 5 – Layer 5-12
Frame 6 – Layer 6-13
Frame 7 – Layer 7-14
Frame 8 – Layer 1-8
Frame 9 – Layer 2-9
Frame 10 – Layer 3-10
Frame 11 – Layer 4-11
Frame 12 – Layer 5-12
Frame 13 – Layer 6-13
Frame 14 – Layer 7-14

Now turn on the “shine”. Go back to the first frame of the animation. According to the names of the layers with glitters, it is not difficult to guess where they should be included.

Frame 1 – Layer “Lists 1, 2, 10”
Frame 2 – Layer “Flints 1, 2, 10”
Frame 3 – NULL
Frame 4 – Layer “Flints 4, 5, 12”
Frame 5 – Layer “Flints 4, 5, 12”
Frame 6 – BLANK
Frame 7 – Layer “Flints 7, 8, 14”
Frame 8 – Layer “Flints 7, 8, 14”
Frame 9 –POSTO
Frame 10 – Layer “Flints 1, 2, 10”
Frame 11 – BLANK
Frame 12 – Layer 4, 5, 12
Frame 13 – BLANK
Frame 14 – Layer “Lambs 7, 8, 14”

Select all the frames of the animation: with the key held down Shift Click LMB first on the first and then on the last frame and set the delay to 0.1 seconds.

Click on the play animation and enjoy our animation :)
Above all the layers I added a thin white frame of 2 pixels. This is the picture:

And here is the animation:

Save the animation through the menu File> Costore for Web and devices (File> Safe for Web Devices) in format gif 256 colors. If necessary, reduce the physical dimensions of the image. I reduced my picture to 220 pixels in width. This animation can be easily downloaded to the phone and presented to relatives and friends on the New Year, if there is no other gift at the moment)) Yes, and do not forget to add the inscription)
Happy holiday!

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