Animated flag in text

In this lesson we will combine the UK and the USA in such a way that the word UK will be written against the background of the American flag with the effect of movement and animation. You can do the same with our Russian flag.
Let’s start by opening the image of the American flag.

Choose a tool Horizontal Text Mask (Horizontal type mask tool).

We write the desired name of the country, in this case, Great Britain- Britain. And click on the layer on which we are.

We press Ctrl +Shift +I, to invert the selection. We press Ctrl +Shift +N, To create a new layer, we do not remove the selection. Next, apply the white fill on the new layer. Now go back to the flag layer and deselect Ctrl +D. You should have two layers, the first with the flag, the second – white with letters, through which you can see this flag.

Double click on the white layer to open Layer style (Layer style). Apply layer style Stroke (Stroke), and set the parameters shown in the figure below.

Hide the text layer – just click on the eye opposite the layer. Now select the flag layer, duplicate it (Ctrl +J) and click Ctrl +T – free transform. Right click to select deformation(Warp). Here show your imagination. It should turn out as shown in the figure. At the end of the deformation, do not forget to press Enter.

Again we duplicate the layer and also enable transposition. Click the right mouse button to apply again. deformation (Warp) for a more realistic effect.

Open Window (Window) – Animation (Animation). Make a layer with the text visible, just put the eye icon in front of it.

Duplicate the frame. To do this, in the Animation window at the bottom, click on the button Duplicate selected frames (Duplicates current frame). Hide the flag layer and make a duplicate of the 1 deformed layer visible.

Duplicate the frame again. Make visible the next duplicate of the deformed layer, respectively, the first layer should now be invisible.

Press Ctrl +Alt +Shift +S, to save the animation in gif format.

Author: photoshopbuddy

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