Animated gloss

In this lesson we will learn how to create animation, which you can use in your practice very often.

You can experiment and experiment with this kind of animation, because there can be a lot of results.

Let us now directly explore how to create this extraordinarily beautiful effect.

Step 1. Create a new image, and then a layer with the object (Not Black!) Where you want to add this effect. Add any layer-styles (layer styles), which you want, is only Satin (gloss). The success of the animation depends on it (it is not necessary to use the same colors).

Step 2. Once you have done this, you should see a funny glow on your image, just like mine (use layer style – gloss-Satin):

Step 3. Go to Image-Ready, clicking the bottom button:

Step 4. Then in IR, in the layer palette and add shine again.
When you click, the following window should appear:

Step 5. Lower opacity (Opacity) up to 0%, and create a new layer again 80%;
Click tween – create intermediate frames (button next to the 3-point layer button) and make this layer the previous 7th layer;

Step 6. You could add another layer, change the angle or something else or just make the last 7 frame the same from the 1st (to change tween – create intermediate frames), change the settings.

Step 7. You can make a million animations, besides the one here.


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