Animated tattoo

To begin, open the image of a girl with an open back.

Insert a graphic ornament, a dragon image or a floral pattern, whatever you want to animate.

Reduce the size and place as shown in the image:

Change layer mode on “Soft Light”.

Duplicate the layer several times and place the images as shown in the image to cover the entire back:

Fit image or erase edges using soft eraser . Merge both background layers.

Highlight and merge all layers with tattoo. Create multiple duplicates of the resulting layer. At one of the duplicates, erase the entire pattern, leaving a small area at the beginning.

At the next duplicate, erase everything, but leave the area slightly larger than in the previous layer.

Repeat these steps with other duplicates. The idea is to leave more and more areas in each duplicated layer.

Open the animation window. For the first frame, hide all duplicates, except the first.

Duplicate the frame. Hide the first layer and make the second layer visible with the tattoo.

Continue to duplicate the frame. Hide the previous layer and make the next tattoo layer visible.

Finally, display the entire pattern, duplicate more frames, but now repeat everything in the opposite direction, hiding the pattern in duplicate frames.

Click Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S, to save the animation in gif format.

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