Animation – frog.

This wonderful lesson prepared for you. Anna Andreeva, fan site www.

In this tutorial we will create a funny animation. In the main role – the little frog.

1. Create a new document. 240×320 pix with resolution 72 dpi. (it may become a screen for a mobile phone).

2. On the new layer, fill in the following gradient, colors #03ae13 (green) and #65ccfd (blue).

3. Apply the Pattern Overlay style to the gradient layer with these settings. The texture is called Washed Watercolor Paper.

4.Now attention !!! In the “Layers” panel (“layers”), while on a gradient layer, click right button on the icon, denoting that the layer is given a style (Fig. 4) and select “Create a layer”.

In the layers palette there will be such changes:

This step must be done very carefully, because this action is rarely described and used.

5. Let’s go over the formed layer and apply the “Distortion” – “Wave” filter to it with the following settings:

and it will turn out like this:

6. Duplicate this layer (and hide the previous one) and apply the same filter to it with the same settings or simply press Ctrl + F and it will turn out like this:

7. Once again we duplicate the layer (we hide the previous one) and apply the same filter to it with the same settings or simply press Ctrl + F and it will turn out like this:

Layer palette looks like this:

The background is ready!

8. Draw a frog. Freely, directly “by hand” with the mouse, on a new layer, with a hard round brush (3-5 pixels), in black. I did this:

You may have your own way. For those who do not know how to yet or is afraid to paint, I suggest ready-made brushes with frogs.

You can download them here.

9. Now we color our frog. I did this:

And you will be like a fantasy!

Notice, I did not draw the pupils … About this in the next step.

10. Create a new layer, call the “pupils” and draw them with a solid round brush (size adequate to the eyes), black with white highlights. Like this:

11.Duplicate the frog and pupil layers, merge them and press Ctrl + T to turn the transformation frame on. We reflect the layer vertically, a bit “flatten.” Place it under the frog layer – it will be a reflection. It should work something like this:

12.Apply to the “reflection” layer the filter “Distortion” – “Glass” (Distort – Glass) with the following settings:

and lower the opacity to 70%. It turned out like this:

13. Create a new layer “fly” and draw it as arbitrarily with a brush:

14. And the last preparations … We draw the language. On the new “tongue” layer, with a hard brush, pink color # ff6666 let’s draw such a curl and apply the Embossing style with the settings:

As a result:

15. Duplicate the “tongue” layer and reduce it a little to give the impression that it retracts in the mouth or crawls out:

16. Well, now all the pictures are prepared. You can do the animation! Without going to ImageReady, go to the menu “Window” (window) -Animation. The animation window will open.
So, the idea is simple: a fly flies, a frog is watching it and op! … gets lunch.
Do not forget in turn (one at a time!) To turn on and off our layers with changing background:

Each frame should have a different background (one of the three options in turn).

Frames: 1 – 2 – 3

Frames: 4 – 5 – 6

Frames: 7 – 8 – 9

Frames: 10 – 11 – 12

And now, after all the torments (creative, I hope), the animation is ready! I also want to clarify that the delay time of each frame is 0 (no delay); and the animation will work with us forever !!! (setting – forever).

Now we need to save all this. Menu “File” (file) – “Save for Web” (save for Web) or press, if you have enough healthy fingers after such work, Alt + Shift + Ctrl + S. This menu will appear:

Using this save, the file is optimized for recording animation in GIF format. Choose “save” and it remains only to choose a place to save.

That’s it! And you thought cartoons are easy to do? We admire our work. Good luck everyone!

ATTENTION!!! The file weighs a lot, if you have internet dial-up, it will take a long time to load.

See you at www.!

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