Animation walking man

In this tutorial we will create an animated digital person.

Step 1. Create a new document sized 400×600 px.

Step 2. Create new guides as shown below (approx. View > NewGuide (View> New Guide):

Step 3. Use the tool Pentool (Pen), to draw a contour, call it “1”.

Draw a new contour and name it “2”.











Note: to make it easier for you to work in the future, unite these figures into one group.

Step 4. Use the tool Type tool (Text), set the font size to 20pt and create 12 text layers with different text. Then raster text layers, and you will have 12 layers.

Note:Layer > Rasterize > Type(Layers> Rasterize> Text).

Step 5. Open the animation window
Hide all layers. For the first animation frame, you should see layer 1 visible, for the second 2, etc.

Here’s what your animation panel should look like:

Done! This digital man goes back and forth!

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