Create a Christmas animation in Photoshop

Hello, before the New Year there is not much time left and, it seems to me, for all this holiday is associated with troubles, pleasant of course, as well as gifts, Christmas tree and many other little things. In this lesson we will create an animated postcard with you and thereby try to cheer yourself up.


Brushes – Openwork Snowflakes
Brushes – Frozen
Christmas tree clipart
Elf and Gift (from the “Fairy Christmas” scrapbook)

Create a new document File-> Create (File-> New) size 1000×1000, 72 ppi, white.

Now let’s create a background. Choose any background from Scrapup set 1, change its size Image-> Image Size (Image-> Image Size) up to 1000×1000 and then drag it into your document.

Next, create a new layer, in order to create a new layer, click on the icon Create New Layer (Create a new layer) in the layers palette or the key combination Ctrl + Shift + N, then activate the tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool) in mode Layer layer (Shape Layers), and draw a circle, this will be our ball.

Double click on the layer to add Layer style (Add a layer style)
Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay):

Without closing the layer styles window, shift the center of the gradient slightly.

Now, so that our ball really looks like glass, we need to add a highlight. Create a new layer by clicking on the icon Create New Layer (Create a new layer) in the layers palette or key combination Ctrl +Shift +N, activate the tool Oval area (Elliptical Marquee Tool) and at the top of the create an oval.

Now take the tool Gradient (Gradient Tool) click on the gradient window in the menu bar to edit it, and set the colors as in the image below.

Now create a new layer and draw a gradient.

This is what should happen.

Now that the outer part of our ball is ready, let’s take a look at what is inside us. I used for this scrap-kits, you can optionally use any other images.

So, create a new layer below the flare layer, click on the icon Create New Layer (Create a new layer) in the layers palette or key combination Ctrl +Shift +N, and on this layer we will place all our elements.

First we will draw snow, for this we will use Brushes – Frozen. Activate the tool Brush (Brush Tool) and begin to draw, you can not worry if you go out of the ball.

And now let’s fix everything, for this Ctrl + click on the layer with our ball to create a selection, then move on Select-> Invert (Select-> Inverse) and press the button Delete.
This is what should happen.

Open the file with the Christmas tree. Select the tree you like and use the tool Move (Move Tool), move to your document, if necessary, you can reduce it a little.

Then I will add a fairy, and a gift (from the scrap kit), you can add any other image, be it Snow Maiden, Santa Claus or some little animal. Then hold down the CTRL key and select these layers in the Layes panel. Then click Ctrl + E, to Merge layers (Merge Down).

I think our ball does not have enough light.
Double click on the ball layer to add Layer Styles (Add a layer style)
Internal glow (Inner Glow):

External glow (Outer Glow):

This is what should happen.

Activate the tool Horizontal text (Horizontal Type Tool), in the menu bar, select the Create warped text and set the Arc

We write what we want to see on my card, the font that I used Taxoma.

Double click on the text layer to add Layer style (Add a layer style)
Gloss (Satin):

That’s what you should do.

And now the most important thing, let’s do some animation. To begin, create a new layer above the ball layer, click on the icon Create New Layer (Create a new layer) in the layers palette or the key combination Ctrl + Shift + N.
Now you will need Brushes – Openwork snowflakes, activate Brush (Brush Tool) and start drawing our snowflakes.

Then again create a new layer, and draw the snowflakes with another brush. And all we need is 7-8 layers.
That’s what happened with me.

Well, now it remains only to make animation from all this. To do this, go Window-> Animation (Window-> Animation), then click the Duplicates selected frames button and make as many frames as you have layers with snowflakes.

Then, we hide the visibility of all layers with snowflakes (by clicking on the eye, indicating the visibility of the layer), and begin to add frames, gradually including layers.
1 frame – 1 layer with snowflakes
2 frame – 2 layer with snowflakes
And so for all frames, only for each frame, only one layer should be included.
When you finish, set Selection of the frame display time (Selects frame delay time) 0.1s and Cycle parameter selection (Selects looping options) Permanently.

Let’s check what happened.

When you are finished you need to save your work in GIF format, for this go to File-> Save for Web devices (File-> Save for WEB) and select the desired format.
You can also decorate your card more if you want, and I say goodbye to you.

All the best and creative success to you!

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