Electronic digital clock

This lesson will teach you to create an animated digital clock.

Create a new document of the following sizes. 350 * 200 px., and fill it with black (# 000000). Make a frame for our watches, to do this, completely select the layer and go to the menu Select >> Modify >> Border (Selection >> Modification >> Border).
Set the width to 20 px. (the selection moves to 20 px. below).

Now, in order to highlight the area that remained behind the selection (and make a frame), go to the menu Select >> Inverse (selection inversion). Now the border size of 20 px. highlighted. Create a new layer. Fill it with any color, we chose dark gray, but this is not necessary.

With the new layer selected, go to the menu Layer >> LayerStyles >> Options (Layer >> Layer Styles >> Options), and apply the following settings, in order to get a stylish metal frame.
Drop shadow – shadow

InnerShadow – inner shadow use color #A.

Inner glow – internal glow, use color # 666666.

Bevel and emboss – stamping.

Contour – contour, use the form “Gaussian” (according to Gauss).

Satin– gloss, use the “Rolling Slope” shape (Repeating slope) and color #FFFFFF.

Gradient overlay – gradient overlay, gradient between #CCCC and # 666666.

Stroke – Stroke.

This is the frame you received.

We now turn to the more labor-intensive part. Choose a tool Text and write the following 88:88.
You need to use any “digital” font. We used the font “DS Digital”, which can be downloaded here. Size: 123 px, color: # 3d3d3d.

Duplicate layer with numbers. Write different numbers on the copy of the layer, for example 6:05. Use bright cutting eye color, we used bright blue color. # 04e3fd. Also, at your discretion, you can use other colors.

Check that the new layer is exactly superimposed on the gray numbers. You can also add a bit “Outer glow»(External luminescence) of the same, bluish tint, so that the numbers look more luminous, but this is not necessary.

Save this image to a new folder on your hard drive and name it “1”.
Now, remove the blue dots between the numbers (leave the layer with gray numbers untouched).

This will be your second image, save it as “2” to the folder where the first image is stored.

Open ImageReady.
Go to menu File >> Import >> FolderasFrames(File >> Import >> Folder as Frames), and select the folder where your images are stored.
Set a time to animate images.

Save the image in GIF format, since the animation can only be saved in this format.

Author: loreleiwebdesign

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