Enliven New Year’s toy

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will revive the New Year’s toy, for which we add the effect of falling snow.

Select an image. In our case, this is an image of a Christmas toy.
Create a snowflake with the tool Arbitrary shape.

Select a snowflake and go to menu Editing – define brush (Edit – Define brush) – let’s call the brush “Snowflake”.

Select the brush tool. Press F5 to open the brush settings. Select a brush and apply the parameters as shown below.

Create a new layer and apply a brush as shown below.

Using the Lasso tool, select the dome. Invert the selection and click Delete while standing on the snow layer to remove the excess.

Change blending mode to Overlap (Overlay).

Open the animation window (Window – Animation).
For the first frame, we do not change anything.

Duplicate the layer and move our snowflakes down a bit.

Now duplicate the frame (click on ).

Click the Tween button. Apply the settings as shown.

You should have such a set of frames.

Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S to save the animated format of your work. In the settings, set the format to GIF, 256 colors.

Here is the result.

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