Extinguish the candles

Hello. Here the lesson was laid out – how to draw a burning candle. I want to offer a slightly different version with animation – extinguishing a candle.

So, create a document of size. 600x900 and fill it with black. Then, tool Lasso or Pencreate this selection here:

Then RMB and Copy to new layer. We clamp WITHTRLand click on the layer image to load the selection. Choosing a tool Gradient and set up as follows: (colors from light to dark – FC9E06, C74602, 9C2901,6D1500, 4D0C01, 3A0901). Fill with gradient:

Remove selection WITHTRL+D. Take Eraser, the size 100px with soft edges and opacity 32% we erase the bottom of the candle so that the candle as if emerges from the darkness.

Push PKM on Layer 1, select Overlay Settings, Internal glow and customize:

Take the tool Blur with high intensity and size around 65, and run them around the edges of the candle.

Choose Clarifier, brush 21px, exposure 51. And lighten it up like this:

Clarifier with exposure 17 lighten the area where the wick should be:

Create a new layer. We take a brush with soft edges and a size of about 21px, color 661300, opacity from eleven before 20 and draw the stains in the middle of the candle, then with the same brush, but in black paint draw the stains from the bottom, from the dark bottom upwards, then apply the filter to these stains Blur> Gaussian Blur, blur radius from 2 before four.

Create a new layer. Paint with a brush with soft edges, size 13, opacity 90 wick. On the same layer on top of the wick several times we draw with a FIRE brush, which you can find through search on this site, select the candle fire there brush.

Then PKM, Overlay options External glow:

Create a new layer, make a selection. Lasso or Pen:

Without removing the selection go to Select> Feather> Feather Radius 45. Fill the selection with color AB4208.

Remove selection WITHTRL+D. Push WITHTRLand click on the image of the fire layer, make sure that layer 4 is active and click DELET.

You can blur this light by filter. Gaussian blur, but not necessarily.
For animation, you will need an ARM brush, which you can also find through a search on www.https://photobecket.com

Merge all layers. Choose a suitable size for a brush with your right hand, for example, 380 and color esae6a and start creating layers using free transformation, draw each new hand layout on a new layer, it is easier when you draw a hand once, and then duplicate the layer by clicking on it PKM and choosing Duplicate layer.

On the first layer, before duplication, with the tool Clarifiersmall brush about 65 brighten the tips of the thumb, index and middle fingers. Create layers, gradually bringing your hand to the candle.

You can darken part of the hand at the wrist. We press Window> Animation.
The first frame – turn off the visibility of all layers, except for the background and the layer with the furthest hand. In the animation window, click the icon Duplicate selected frame (next to the Trash can icon), turn off the visibility at the far hand, turn on the next in range, and so on.

When you get to the last frame, duplicate the layer with the hand closest to the candle and the background layer too. On the copy of the background, erase the fire, on a duplicate hand, apply a free transformation and click the icon.

Then deform the hand so that the thumb and index fingers come together.

After this, add a smoke to the background candle without a fire, you can do it like this: select the burning fire among the FIRE brushes, put on the white color and click above the wick. This background and the hand that puts out the candle make the last frame with a delay 0.5. The rest of the staff is enough and 0.1 – 0.2.

Thank. Do not judge strictly, this is my first lesson. Your Ircha.

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