Flaming torch

Open the image of the torch.

Cut a hand with a torch in any way convenient for you.

Tool Lasso tool (Lasso) separate the fire from the torch.

From the filter menu, select Liquify (Plastic)

Pick ahead Warp tool (Deformation) and warp the fire in random order.

Duplicate the fire layer twice, and on these two layers, apply a filter to the fire. Liquify (Plastic) to create random flame shapes.

Open the animation window. Hide two duplicate fire layers for the first frame.

In the animation palette, make two copies of the first frame.
For the second frame, hide the first and third layer with fire and display the second layer.

Similarly, to create duplicates of the third frame – hide the first two layers with fire and make the third layer visible.

Press the button Play (Play animation) in the animation palette, for preview.
Click Ctrl + Alt + Shift+S , to bring up the workspace window Save for Web (Save for Web), with which we save the GIF animation.

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