Flashing avatar

The new author of our site Taras Balatsky will show you how to make an animated avatar.


I’ll tell you how to create a blinking animation in a couple of steps.

First, open the photo from which we will do the animation.
I took this photo here.

Duplicate the layer by pressing the key combination Ctrl + j

Apply the following parameters to the “background” layer.
Go to the menu Picture – Levels (Ctrl + L)

Move the gray slider to the left to 2.37

Next, go to the top layer, press Ctrl + L again, and move the gray slider to the right by 0.42

Go to the Window menu and open the Animation palette.

Hide layer1.

In the animation window we duplicate the frame.

Open the eye at layer 1, and on the contrary hide the background.

In the animation window set the cycle “Always”.
Click on the Play button and see how the animation plays.

You can set the time for each frame yourself.

Then go to the menu File – Save for web
Set the format GIF, 256 colors.

And we have an animation ready!

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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