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In this tutorial we will create an animation for a mobile phone.

First we create a gradient background for the base.

With a lasso create a “mountainous” relief.

Create a new layer and fill it with black. Remove selection.

Double-click on the black layer to bring up the layer style window. Set the parameters (External glow/OuterGlow – Lighten mode /Screen; color of a luminescence – gray):

This is what should happen:

Create a new layer above all layers. Fill it with black. We use on this layer radial gradient (transition from black to white; mode – Difference /Difference; uncheck Inversion). Here’s what happens:

Use a gradient several times.

Note: make sure that the last applied gradient has turned the background to black (as in the image above). Apply a mode to this layer. Lightening basics /ColorDodge.

Similarly, create another star layer, but place the stars in other places.
Write your text in the middle of the image:

Repeat the above steps to create stars inside the text (create a layer, apply a radial gradient in Difference mode /Difference). Inside the text should also be 2 star layers.

Using the Arbitrary shapes tool (this is where the pen, rectangles, ellipses, hearts, etc.) create a crescent.

We apply style to the layer with the month (double-click on the layer) External glow/OuterGlow – Lighten mode /Screen; blue color:

Now go to ImageReady. For the first frame, turn off the “eye” (on the layers panel) of the second layers: stars and stars under the letters.

Duplicate frame. For the second frame, turn off the “eye” at the first layer with the stars under the letters. For the second “eye” include. For the “Mountain” change the intensity of the glow. To do this, double click on the mountain layer, call the layer style window, in the tab External glow /OuterGlow we change Opacity/Opacity from 75% to 100%.

Duplicate both frames. For the third frame, turn on the layer with the second stars. Set display time on each frame 0.2 sec.

Push Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S, to save the animation in an optimized format Gif.

Author: photoshopforfun

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