First, open the lighter image.

We use for selection of a pad the tool Lasso (Lasso), or quick mask mode –Quick mask (just hit Q). When select, click Ctrl+J, to copy the selection to a new layer.

Remove the visibility from the top layer (just click on the eye icon in the window next to this layer). And in the bottom layer we clone (tool Stamp – stamp (S)) foot just below (as if pressed), and remove its second upper part using a layer maskAdd LayerMask. You should have the following layers: the first with the foot in the upper position, the second in the lower position. Do not forget to remove the visibility at the very first layer.

Create a flame shape using the tool. Pen (Feather (P)).

Then double click on the flame layer (in the layers window) to open the layer style – layerstyle. Set the settings as shown in the figure.

You should have the following:

In the layers window (F7) for the layer with the flame, set the following blending mode: linear dodge -Linear Dodge.

Duplicate the resulting layer twice (click Ctrl+J). Press Ctrl+T. Right click on transpose and select Warp – Deformation. Change the shape of the flame, approximately as shown in the figure. You need to change the shape on each of the 2 duplicated layers.

For the first frames of fire, you need to create a couple more of these types of flame.

Open the menu WindowAnimation (Window – Animation). For the first frame, you need to hide all the layers with the flame, the foot is at the top.

Duplicate frame, press the button Duplicatescurrentframe – Duplicate selected frames. Then, in the second frame, open the layer with the smallest flame and the pressed foot.

Duplicate this second frame too. You can duplicate the first and second frame again.

Choose 6 frame. Remove visibility from the layer with a small flame and open with a flame a little more.

Again duplicate the last frame. We continue so on until the frame with a full flame.

Select the last three frames with a full flame that you transposed in the beginning, you can duplicate them several times. It all depends on how long you want your lighter to burn. Do not forget to set visibility on the layer with the foot pressed.

We press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S, in order to save us this lesson in animation format gif.

Author: photoshopbuddy

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