Magic pen

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will create an animation with you, where the magic pen writes the word “DISCOUNT”.

First we create a small document where our word will be placed.

I made the size 350 x 250 px

Create a new layer, set a nice one. gradient and fill. I used a gradient from soft reddish to white, the type of gradient is radial .

We write the word (any):

Go to the text layer, right-click, select the command Rasterize layer.

Take the tool . Select the first letter and click Shift + Ctrl + J (cut out and paste into a new layer)

Do the same with the rest of the letters of the word.

Now we have the whole word broken by letters, with each letter on a new layer.

Hide all the letters (close ) in front of all the letters except “C”.

Again take . We will break the letter into pieces. We do the same. Select a piece and click Shift + Ctrl + J.



Now we need to create a writing pen.

Find the tool Arbitrary shapes , In the settings, select the shape of the handle.

If you have not found the pen in your homepage, you can download it here.

In the settings, set the desired color and shape mode. Draw a pen while holding Shift, to keep the proportions.

Flip the handle horizontally. Ctrl + T, right click on the frame, select Flip horizontally.

Give the handle the style of “embossed”:

The handle has become voluminous. Now she can write!

Open the palette Animation through the Window menu (Window – Animation)

Hide all layers except the handle. This will be our first frame.

Duplicate frame (click on in the Animation palette) and add the first piece of the letter “C”. Move the handle to the tip of the segment.

We continue …

When you do these operations with each letter, you will have this:

I got a total of 41 frames. I set the first and last time for 0.5 sec, other frames without delay.

Then go to menu File – Save for Web …

Choose a format Gif, 256 colors.

See you at www.!

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