Make an animation of an angel in Photoshop.

In this tutorial we will draw the animation of a flying angel.

Start by creating an ellipse tool elliptical shape tool (Oval shape).

Enable the “add to shape area” option in the top bar. Create two circles for the ears using the tool elliptical shape tool (oval shape).

We create hair using Pen tool (Pen).

Create two black circles using the tool. elliptical shape tool (Oval figure). These will be the eyes.

Create a triangle using polygon shape tool (Polygon). This will be the nose. Use a pen to create lips.

Create hands using the tool custom shape tool (Arbitrary shape). Then apply a stroke of white color, 1 px thick, to this layer.

Create an ellipse using the tool elliptical shape tool (Oval figure). Press Ctrl + T, rotate a bit and move it under the previous layer.

Similarly, create a hand for the other side.

Draw several ellipses to create legs and feet, as shown in the image below.

Duplicate the layer (ctrl + J). Click Ctrl + T. Right click and select Flip horizontal (Flip horizontally) and move to the other side.

Create with the tool rounded rectangular shape tool(a rectangle with rounded edges). Click Ctrl + T. RMB and select Warp (Deformation). Adjust the nodes to get the shape, as shown in the figure below. Apply a layer style – Stroke, 2-4 pixels thick.

Create an ellipse. Apply the same layer style.

layer style >> create layers (Layer styles – form layers). Merge the two layers (Ctrl + e). Take eraser tool (Eraser) and litter a small part to make a wing.

Similarly create the rest of the feathers.

Create a circle using the tool “Oval figure and repeat the above steps.

Merge all the layers with the wing, duplicate the resulting layer (ctrl + j). Flip horizontal (Flip horizontally) and move it to the other side.

Select all layers and click Ctrl + G. This will create a group. Duplicate the group. Change your arms, wings, legs to create a different pose.

Open window animation. For the first frame, hide the second group.

Create a duplicate frame. Hide the first group and display the second group.

Click Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S, to keep optimized animated Gif.

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