Make the disappearing inscription in Photoshop

Hello. Today we will learn how to make animation with disappearing text.

Step 1.First, take and create a new file. 200×150(File-new) or you can press (Ctrl + N).

Step 2. Fill in black using the tool Fill ( G).

Step 3.On the layer – the background – we write any text, I write the word Pontiac. And open Window – Animation.

Push Ctrl + A, to get the selection.

Step 4. Click on the text layer on the layers palette.

Add layer mask to the text layer.

Remove the connection between the layer and the layer mask by clicking on the icon with the chain. It will become so!

Step 5. Click on the layer mask thumbnail to make it active.

Step 6. Create a copy of the selected frame.

Will become so.

Step 7. Select the tool “Move”. Hover the mouse over a black background.
Click LMB and hold, pull to the left.

Pull until the letters disappear.

Step 8. Click where the animation is.

Create an intermediate frame.

In field “Add frame“Set the value 25. Click”Yes“.Now click Play.
And all the animation with the disappearing text is ready!

Now (File – Save for Web).

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