Running ant

Step 1.Create a new document 200 x 150 px with a transparent background.

Step 2.On the first layer, draw the path of the beetle using brush tool(“Brush”).

Step 3. Draw a beetle (the author for some reason believes that it is an ant ..)

Step 4. Click Ctrl + T, to change the size and position of the insect as shown in the figure below (you will need to fill the path of the beetle with a lighter color than the bug itself):

Step 5. Create a new layer, click again. Ctrl + T and change the position of the beetle along its “path”. I think at this stage it is easier to duplicate each previous layer with the bug and change the new one, but this is my translator’s opinion.

At each step of the beetle should be a separate layer.

Step 6. Now hide all the layers and go through the toolbar in ImageReady:

Step 7. Further, I will not describe in detail all the actions, and so, I think, it is clear that when creating each new frame of animation, you need to make the new layer visible, having previously turned off the previous one. Only naturally the track does not need to be included. Here is what it will look like:

Press the button Play, to view the animation.

And here is the result:

Author: tu-torial

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