Sparkling star

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll make the Sparkling Star animation.
Here is the result:

Step 1.

Create a new document size 150×150 pixels, Background fill with a dark blue color.
Choose a tool , Next, select the star shape from the list, as shown in the figure. Color for stars (77DAFF)
Pinch Ctrl and click on the star in the layers palette.


Next, go to the menu Selection – Modification – Expand (selection >> modify> expand) set the parameter 3 , then create a new layer (on top of the shape layer) and fill the selection with this color 9FD7ED.

Step 2.

Deselect Ctrl + D
Press on at the bottom of the layers palette, select Emboss style (Bevel and emboss). Apply these settings:

Step 3.

This is what your star should look like.

Step 4.

Create a new layer.
Set the colors: 05E7FF – main, E0EBEC – background
Download selection (Ctrl + click on the first star in the layers palette) Take a linear gradient and drag it from top to bottom, as shown in Figure a).
Next, take and click on the dark area inside the star.
Set the colors: 00B9E7– main, 15E8FF – background
Draw a new gradient as shown in Figure b)

but) b)

This is what should happen:

Step 5.

Now we begin to create tiny stars.
Create a new layer. Scale image.
Next, take set the specified size 3×1 px.
Make a selection and fill with white. On the same layer in the same way, only the size will now be 1×3 px, create a vertical wand. This cross will be a small star.


Create a new group, name “small1” and place a layer with an asterisk there.

Step 6.

Now you need to duplicate this little one and place it on an asterisk. Method: click on it, hold it Alt and move.

All these layers with asterisks are in the same folder.

Step 7.

For the animation, we will create 3 frames, so now we need to make 3 groups of layers, where the stars will be in different positions.

Duplicate the folder with asterisks, name “small2”. Remove all but one layer from it. Duplicate this layer, and place the stars on other places.
Repeat for the third folder.



Step 8.

Now you have three folders with small asterisks: “small1”, “small2”, “small3”, in each folder there are asterisks differently.

On a new layer, draw a larger star. Then create again the group name “average1”, move the new star to this group. For the time being, disable the visibility of the “small2” and “small3” groups.

You already guess what to do next! Duplicate, place, and then create two more folders: “average 2” and “average 3”


Step 9.

Now you have 6 folders: 3 with small stars, 3 with medium ones.

Step 10.

We are already at the finish line!
Create a star on the new layer even more, change its shape a little – add diagonal lines. Move it to the group under the name “Bol1”, then also create the groups “Bol2”, “Bol3”.


Step 11.

Save the file in Photoshop format (.psd) and open it in Image Ready. Open the Animation panel via the Window menu if it is not in the workspace.
While you have it there will be only one frame.
Go to the layers palette and turn off the eyes in front of the folders: “small2”, “small3”, “medium2”, “medium3”, “bol2”, “bol3”, leave only at “mal1”, “medium1”, “bol1”

Create a new frame and leave only “small2”, “average2”, “bol2” visible in it

The same for the 3rd frame: and leave only “small3”, “average3”, “bol3” visible in it

and and


Step 12.

Set the time to 0.1 seconds
Next, go to the menu File – Save optimized as … choose the file type “Images only” (.gif) – Images Оnly (.gif) – Save

Done! You can now experiment with other shapes and glitter shapes.

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