Text movement with the image inside

In this tutorial, I will show how to make a running text, with the image changing in it.

There are no source codes in this tutorial!
Full freedom of creativity!

Create a new document or open the selected source image (for animation, it is better to reduce huge pictures).
I chose the berry.

Using the text tool (TextTool) make the necessary inscription.
Try to start with one word.
Location and color – it does not matter.
Text choose fatter and larger.

Then we copy the layer with the original image 3 times – there should be 5 layers in total (see screenshot)

Then create a text selection.
First you need to rasterize the text layer: being on the layer with the text, click RMB and in the drop-down menu select Rasterize layer (RasterizeType). You can save a copy of the unwritten text layer – it will come in handy.
Press Ctrl and click on the icon of the layer with the text.
A selection appears.
Maintain the visibility of only one layer of four copies of the original image.

Add to him layer mask (Addlayermask) – button at the bottom of the layers panel.
Selection and image disappeared.
Hide the text layer.
That’s what happened.

We do the same with the remaining 2 copies of the original image (But: leave the lowest intact).

“Unlink” layer and mask by clicking on the padlock in each resulting layer.
This is necessary for the independent movement of the mask and the layer from each other.

Select the mask icon (and not the layer icon) on any of the three layers, pinch the paint button and move the mask (that is, the word) to free space.
With the other layer is the same.

Under the layer with the whole original image, create a new layer and fill it with any color. I used black.

Further we will move only MASKS! Therefore, it is necessary to monitor their activity, and not select layer icons.
Shift the mask of each layer to the right (one in the screenshot).
It is better to move the mask: either pressing the paint and dragging it (with the active tool MoveTool), or an arrow on the keyboard (but so slowly).
You can create guides for even movement.

Well, everything is ready for animation.

Open the window Window Animation (WindowAnimation) or go to Image Ready.
For the first frame, set the time 0.5 sec (2 in the screenshot)
Make a copy of the frame (3 in the screenshot) – time 0.2 seconds

Now we will create moving words – while moving the layer masks.

My idea: First, the central word appears, and then the upper and lower at the same time.

Select the mask of the layer on which the word is in the middle.
Then drag it to the left so that it disappears beyond the edge of the document.
Outwardly, nothing has changed …
… but it is only in appearance.

Being on frame number 2, press the button Create a frame series (Tweensanimationframes) –four in the screenshot.
In the drop-down box, I put 7 frames is the number of transitional frames that will appear between the 1st and 2nd.

This is how the animation palette now looks.
Change the time value for a series of frames on 0.2 seconds
Can click START (Plays) and see how it all looks like …
At your discretion: change the time, the number of frames in the series.
The same with the two other words.

Make a copy of the frame, move the words – their masks (I moved them at the same time), create transient frames.
I got 17 shots.

On the LAST – 17th frame, drag the layer mask with the central word to the right.
It is necessary to make the text easier to read. If you have another idea – Create))))
And again a copy of the frame.
We push the central word in the middle of the document.
We create a series of frames (the number in the series can be reduced – since the word passes only half the way, I made four).

On the LAST frame, I shifted the masks of the two remaining layers to the right (see arrows in the screenshot).
Again the copy and move the upper and lower text to the middle.
Then a series of frames (4 frames).

And again a copy of the frame.
For this frame make visible whole original layer (layers with masks are hidden).
Next, a series of frames (I have from five).

The time of the last frame should be increased so that the image is delayed and can be viewed.
Further, the copy and on this frame we leave visible only the background layer – in my case, black.

So we make the disappearance of the picture to complete the cycle.
A series of frames (I have five). For the frames of this series I set the time – 0.1 seconds

That’s all!
Save the document in the format .Gif File-Save for Web(FileSaveforWeb Devices).

Instead of text, you can use any shape, change the trajectory of their movement depending on the idea. All in your hands!

Fantasies on …

Creative inspiration and good luck in the implementation of our plans!

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