Who is MovieMaker, or how to create a movie from a video?

Today, many users of PCs, the Internet and various mobile devices are interested in questions: how to create impressive video effects, what programs and skills are needed to turn them into ordinary video recording into a masterpiece of cinema, and so on.

The answer to these and many other questions, which in fact can be reduced to one – how to create a movie from a video with various special effects and fantastic animation – exhaustively given on the site videosmile.ru in a rubric with an interesting name – MovieMaker.

Having got acquainted with the lessons of this section and having learned to apply this wealth of knowledge in practice, you will become true masters in creating modern video clips and video clips, you will be able to look into the future of cinema art and, of course, learn what this strange combination of words means – MovieMaker.

In fact, everything is very simple, although the feeling of this simplicity comes with time and, of course, with experience. First of all, let us take an interest in the simplest lesson “Picture in frame”, which will allow us to learn one interesting focus in working with video with the help of such wonderful programs as mocha and After effects.

Movie Maker

Or maybe you are more interested in keing technique and some other subtleties of the “game” with video, thanks to which you can get into the coolest Hollywood blockbuster? Or do you prefer the creation of bloodthirsty zombies on the screen?

Finally, do you know what the Matte Painting technique is, how and why you create a realistic environment with it and how to become the greatest magician in video art thanks to all this?

You are already eager to visit the amazing MovieMaker section and watch the exciting video tutorials presented in it. By the way, just add that the resource videosmile.ru is constantly updated with new and new video tutorials, and you can only skillfully take advantage of this happy circumstance …

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