3D reflection

In this lesson we will learn how to create reflections for large objects. This material is a kind of continuation of the lesson “3D box”.

You can proceed to this lesson only if you have the original layers with the images of the front (front) and side parts of the box. The fact is that creating a reflection, you have to work with each side separately.

So let’s get started. Open the document with the box image and the original layers. For convenience, we rename the original layers to “reflection1” and “reflection2”.

Select the layers “reflection1” and “reflection2” on the layers palette and apply to them Editing – Transform – Flip Vertically (Edit> Transform> Flip to vertically). Move the reflected layers down using the tool “Moving” (Move).

Now, let’s start aligning the reflection. First, I propose to do the side of the reflection. So, we press Ctrl + T, right click and select in the dropdown menu Skew (Incline). Pull the top left knot up until the sides touch. Enter do not press!

The perspective of the side is correct, but it is necessary to reduce the height. Click RMB and select Scale (scale). Pay attention to the top panel. In this case, height matters to us.

We pull the middle bottom node up until the height is equal to 100%. Press Enter.

Now let’s do the front side. Go to the appropriate layer. Push Ctrl + T, right click and select in the dropdown menu Scew (Incline). Pull the upper right knot vertically up until the sides touch. Do not be afraid of the displacement of the picture, the next step we will align the perspective. Ok, more precisely Enter, do not click!

Now we take the lower left knot and pull it vertically down. We pull until the prospect is equal, i.e. until the drawing on both layers (front sides of the box and reflections) lie on the same vertical line.

If you have shown patience and still have not pressed Enter, then click RMB and in the drop-down menu, select Scale (scale). Align the height of the sides of the reflection.

So we got a mirror image, it remains only to apply the effects of interest to you.

Author: Evgenia Goncharova

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