80s background

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create beautiful wallpapers in retro style.

Create a new document size 1024×768 px. And fill it with this color. #EADCBC

Grab the Pen Tool and draw a triangle with color # BCA26D, approximately as in the picture below:

Take the tool (U) and draw rectangles, then deform them (rotate), using Ctrl + T, as you like, like this:

Draw some more stripes:

Draw a blue over the yellow strip:

Add a shadow. Go to the layer style with stripes and select Shadow (Blending Options> Drop Shadow)

Now take the tool again. and draw a big strip like in the picture, color # F10C85

Now add the shadow and stroke:

Now again with the Rectangle tool we will draw thin strips inside the thick one:

And again draw the stripes:

Try inserting a few more stripes, as in the picture below:

Set the following parameters to the stripe layer color # A17425
Blending Options> Drop Shadow (Layer Style> Shadow)

Blending Options> Inner Shadow (Layer Style> Inner Shadow)

We can also add some white stripes using the previous method:

Take the tool Custom Shape Tool (U) and select a star:

Now take the color #F10C85 and draw a star as shown in the image below:

Now apply a stroke to the star layer. Go in Layer Style> Stroke (Blending Options> Stroke)

Now use the tool again. , Only this time we will choose a slightly different asterisk:

Take color # 6A2700 and draw the second star over the first one:

Now you also need to apply a stroke to it. Layer Style> Stroke (Blending Options> Stroke)

Now take the Horizontal Text Tool (T), set the following parameters:

Write the word PopArt, and place the text in such a way that the letters enter the star a bit:

A shadow applies to the text. Layer Style> Shadow (Blending Options> Drop Shadow)

And stroke Layer Style> Stroke (BlendingOptions> Stroke)

Now open the photo of the girl.

Create a new layer and select it. Right-click on the image and select from the menu Selection – Color Range (Selection – Color Range). Take the pipette and click it on the lightest area on the girl’s shoulder.

We will get a selection of individual zones:

Now fill the entire selected area with colorEADCBC

Grab the Pen Tool (P) and circle the outline of the girl. Then right-click and select Make Selection with feathering in 0 px.

Fill the selection with color # 490F02. Select Selection – Invert (Select> Inverse) and click Delete. Merge both layers by clicking on Ctrl + E

Apply a stroke to the layer with the girl. Blending Options> Stroke (Layer Style> Stroke)

Take the tool (U) and draw some small stars, to rotate, press Ctrl + T.

That’s all! Is done.

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