A whirl of hearts

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will see how you can create a fascinating holiday lovers background for a postcard or desktop.

Create a new document. If you make a background for your desktop, then look at your sizes, for example, 1024×768 px and 72 dpi.
If you make a postcard, then the dimensions are at your discretion, only the resolution parameter should be increased to 300 dpi.

Create a new layer and fill it with any color.
Then click on the button “add layer style” and select the “Overlay gradient” style with the following parameters:

Click on the gradient bar and set the same colors there:

Draw a gradient from top to bottom.

Find the Freehand tool , go to the settings of this tool, then go down the arrow and select a shape there, as shown in the screenshot, with the help of this shape we will draw white rays.

Set the color to white and apply the shape:

Fill parameter decrease to ten%

Next, go to the menu Filter and apply Distortion – Twisting (Filter> Distort> Twirl)

Now find the shape of the heart:

If you do not like the form, then you can correct it using the tools of the Perot group.

Now apply the following gradient overlay to the heart layer:

Gradient colors.

Draw a gradient from the center.

Next step: draw a highlight on the heart.

You can draw this flare from scratch with Pen, or you can duplicate the shape of a heart, take the tools to adjust the outline and turn the heart shape into something like this:

The parameters of the new layer with the highlight will be the following:
Fill / fill 0%
White to Transparent Gradient Overlay; Linear Gradient

Spend a gradient from top to bottom, it should look like this:

In the layers palette, click on the “Create New Group” icon. Put in this daddy all the layers that are responsible for the heart.

Copy the group, go to the heart effects and change a little of the gradient colors to make the new heart lighter.

It turned out one dark one, one light one.

Now duplicate as many hearts as your heart desires!
Using the free transformation, reduce them and place them all over the document (Ctrl + T).

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Translation – Zinaida Lukyanova
Link to the lesson.

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