Air balloons

In this Photoshop tutorial we will draw balloons of various shapes, sizes and colors.

Create a new document.

Select a shape for the ball. In Photoshop, by default there is a large selection: if you want to make a ball in the form of a bone or a rabbit, you can in the form of a leaf, hand, card suit, and so on.

Naturally, if you are friends with the Pen tool, it will be easy for you to create your own custom shape.

I chose the shape of the light bulb. Set the color and shape mode drew a light bulb on her document. At the same time kept Shift, to keep the proportions.

Immediately you need to turn this vector shape into a regular raster pattern, i.e. rasterize

Now the most important thing! Since this is a future balloon, we need to achieve an effect so that when overlaying another photo it can be seen that the balloon is transparent.

Take the Eraser tool, set the following settings:

Hardness = 0
Size = 80
Transparency = eleven%

Now we can erase part of the pixels from the ball with this soft elastic, giving it a natural transparency.

Here’s what I got:

If you already try to impose a ball on any color photo, you will see that it actually became transparent.

Add a few highlights to the ball.

You can make them with the oval selection tool.

Draw a small oval first, then switch to exception mode. and “bite off” another unused piece of oval to make a crescent.

After go to menu Select – Feather (Selection – Feather) and set the value to 4 px

Then on the new layer fill the selection with white.

Here is a glare:

You can add one more smaller and brighter.

I added highlights to the other pieces of my air bulb, and that’s what happened:

Our ball is missing something! Of course, pucky and rope. I think you will cope with this task and finish them yourself.

As for color, this will help you Ctrl + U (color / saturation window)

Here’s how the balls look when you put them on the photo:

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