All-seeing ball

In this lesson you will learn a simple way to create an all-seeing ball.

Step 1. Create a new document size 200×200 pix

Step 2. Fill the document with black (to do this, click ALT + BACKSPACE). Now we go to Filter – Rending – Blick (Filter – Render – Lens Flare) and apply the filter with the following settings:
Brightness: 100%, Object type: 105mm Start of the roller (Brightness: 100%, Lens Type: 105mm Prime).
It should look like this:

Step 3. Now apply Filter – Distortion – Polar coordinates (Filter – Distort – Polar Coordinates), select “Polar to Rectangular” (Polar to Rectangular).

Go to Image – turn the canvas – na180 (Image – Rotate Canvas – 180), click “Yes.”

Now again in Filter – Distortion – Polar coordinates (Filter – Distort – Polar Coordinates), but now select “Rectangular to Polar” (Rectangular to Polar) and click yes.

Step 4. We use the tool Elliptical selection(Eliptical Marquee Tool). With the key held down SHIFT make a selection around our ball. Now click Ctrl + Shift + I – it inverts the colors on the selection. Then click Alt + backspace (or use the fill tool (Fill tool)) to fill in with black. Now click again Ctrl + Shift + I.

Step 5. Ok, now create a new layer and name it “Black” (or something like that). Click “D and then Alt + backspace. Now holding the key SHIFT, Click the up arrow and the right arrow. Now open up SHIFT and press Del. Pinch SHIFT again and press the left arrow and the down arrow.

Create a new layer and name it White. Click “X and then CTRL + Backspace (to fill the selection with white). Now click “D“And then, holding SHIFT, Click the down arrow and left arrow. Unclench SHIFT and press Del. Hold and press the up arrow and the right arrow. It will turn out like this:

Step 6. Without removing the selection, set the white layer to blend mode to Overlap (Overlay).

Now we go to Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) set the Radius (Radius) four px.

Go to the layer “Black” and apply Filter – Last Filter (Filter – Last filter). Now set the opacity of the layer to “Black” 75%.

Create a new layer, set the blending mode for it. “Color” (Color) and fill this layer with color. #FFFFCC.

Further Layer – Layer Style – Outer Glow (Layer – Layer style – Outer Glow)

Layer – Layer Style – Inner Glow (Layer – Layer style – Inner Glow)

Step 7. Here’s what happened:

Step 8. Now we will insert a picture into our ball. Open the image you want to see in the ball, drag it to the ball and click CTRL + T. Adjust the size of your picture.

Using tool Elliptical selection(Eliptical Marquee Tool) select the area of ​​the ball where the picture will be.

Step 9. Go to Selection – Feather (Select – Feather). Shading radius (Feather Radius) select 20px and click “Yes”.
Click Ctrl + Shift + I and then Del.

Click Ctrl + D and your work is finished !!!

Step 10. Now, at your discretion, you can add some elements like stars or ball coasters.

Transfer: Natalia Kukina.
Link to the source of the lesson

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