Appearance for newspaper article

Thanks to this Photoshop lesson you will learn how to draw an excerpt from a newspaper article, and also focus on individual words with a magnifying glass.

1. Open a new document. Create a new layer.
Add a layer style “Overlapping pattern“(Pattern Overlay)

The result is this background:

2. Now find and open the newspaper image with the article you need. Cut out the key passage.

3. Move the passage to a new document. Ctrl + T (reduce it to the size you need)

4. Imagine that this passage was torn out of a newspaper and betray the corresponding effect.

Take the Lasso tool and draw a curved line along the edge. Loop selection.

Click Delete (Delete) and Ctrl + D, to deselect.

Do the same now with the bottom of the passage.

5. Add style Shadow (Drop Shadow) to a layer with a newspaper. It turns out like this:

6. If it seems to you that the newspaper looks too white, then you can darken it in the following way.

Ctrl + click on the newspaper layer to load the selection. Create a new layer and fill the selection with light gray. Gray layer change the blending mode to Replacing dark (Darken), reduce the opacity.

7. Now the most interesting moment – we impose a magnifying glass on the newspaper to highlight important words.

The image of the magnifier in PSD format you can download here.

The magnifier lies, but so far, as you see, it does not increase anything.

How to depict the effect of increasing?

First, select the layer with the newspaper and the layer with gray fill and merge them together. Ctrl + E
Now standing on this single layer, take the tool and select the circular text area under the magnifying glass. Like this:

Next, go to the menu Filter – Distortion – Spherization (Filter – Distort – Spherize)

Set the same settings:

Here is the result:

Now you can add text, for example, the title of the article, the author, the name of the newspaper.


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