A very useful Photoshop tutorial will show you how to draw a barcode.

Create a new document.
Click on the tool – Line figure . Set black color.

Check that the instrument has the following settings:

Then hold the key Shift (to make the line smooth) draw a line.

Rasterize the shape layer.

Now consult Filter> Noise> Add Noise … and set the settings as below:

Now run Image> Adjustments> Brightness / Contrast … and change the settings like this:

Go to the main menu Edit> Transform> Scale and drag the middle slider down to make it like in the screenshot.

Now take a rectangular selection. and select a small area of ​​the bar code, press Delete.

Choose tool – text , install font Arial and write any numbers in the place where you deleted part of the bar code.

That’s done.
Feel free to place this barcode on 3D virtual boxes with your products.

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