Batman: The Dark Knight

In this tutorial, we will create a grunge wallpaper for the Batman: The Dark Knight movie.

To begin with, create a new document of size, for example, 1680 x 1050. Fill the background with a tool Gradient Tool (Gradient fill). Gradient type – radial (radial). Fill the background from the middle of the image with two colors: # 3d3b3c and # 0e0d11.

Now let’s add a texture. You can take the texture from this site. Transfer the texture you like to our document and set the blending mode to
Color Dodge (Lightening the basics) and meaning Fill (Opacity) set to 30%.

Of course, if you chose a different texture, then you need to make other settings for it, if necessary.

Now add the Batman logo. You can download it here. Copy this logo into our document.

And now we will make our logo metallic. Fill it with this color: # 878787. Now click 2 times on the layer with the logo and apply these settings:

Well, something already resembles a metal shuriken, which Batman used as a throwing weapon.

Now take the tool Burn Tool (Dimmer) and darken some parts of the logo.

After that, take the tool Dodge Tool (Clarifier) Some areas on the logo.

If desired, you can darken the logo more.

And now again click on the logo layer 2 times and apply the following settings:

Of course, you can experiment with the settings. It should turn out like this:

I think you can make this logo a little brighter. To do this, use the level function. (Ctrl +L).

So let’s now give our logo a bit of rusty and scratched metal.

To do this, copy in our document a different metal texture. Set the blend mode on the texture to Color Dodge (Clarification), Set the opacity (Fill) of this layer to 40%. And you can also duplicate this layer and set the blend mode to Overlay, opacity is already 100%.

Something already resembles metal, but I think it is better to add a rusty texture from above.

Set the blend mode for this texture to Linear Burn (Linear dimmer), Set opacity to 27%.

In a word, you should have this:

Add a layer style Outer glow.

And now you can “light up” the logo. Duplicate the logo layer and go to the menu Filter> Blur> Radial Blur (Filter – Blur – Radial Blur).

You should have something like this:

Place the blurred layer below the logo layer and set the blending mode at the top of the logo on Color Dodge. Blurred layer You can slightly increase, so that it stands out in the background.

Of course, the result you may have is completely different, but you do not be afraid to experiment with the settings, and, perhaps, you will have a much more interesting result.

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