Beautiful retro poster in Photoshop

In this lesson, following step by step, we will create a beautiful retro poster depicting the city, which is currently popular. With the help of grunge textures, color correction and some techniques, we will create a design for a poster in the style of the 70s.

Materials for the lesson:

First you need an image. Suitable with a view of the city “anthill” or natural expanses bird’s-eye view. Change settings Levels (Levels), increase the contrast.

Allocate all space Ctrl + A, copy merged data Ctrl + Shift + C, create a new layer and paste Ctrl + V. Apply filter Filter – Other – High Pass (Filter – Other – Color Contrast), change the radius until small details on a gray background begin to appear.

Change the blending mode to Linear light (Linear light), the image below shows the difference from the filter application.

Create an adjustment layer Curves (Curves), change the settings for each color of the curves according to the settings shown below to convey the spirit of the 70s.

Using tool Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) (Tool “Oval area”) select the central part of the photo, copy and paste on a new layer.

Create guides in the center of the canvas, place the copied circle in the center.

Create a circle selection by clicking with the key pressed Ctrl miniature layer. Create another corrective Curves (Curves). Thanks to the selection, a layer mask is created, which makes visible, for a correction layer, only a certain area. Modify the Red Curve as shown below.

Create a new layer, select the tool. Brush tool (B) (Tool “Brush”), the brush is soft, the size is huge, the color is red. Click on the edges of the canvas several times. Change the blending mode to Screen (Screen), Opacity 50%.

Add a layer mask to the cut round layer. Using a thin brush standard set wash a little image.

Download the texture from the archive and paste it into our document on top of all layers. Change the blending mode to Color burn (Blackout basics).

Create a new layer above the filter layer. High pass (Color Contrast), fill the new layer with white. Change the blending mode to Soft light (Soft light), a bit brightening and blurring the image.

Load the next noise texture and place it on top of all other layers. Change the blending mode to Screen (Screen) to remove black color.

Create a new layer, fill it with blue color, the tone is associated with the image. Change blending mode to Pin light (Spotlight), so dark areas will find blue, and drawing will increasingly sink into the 70s.

Select Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) (Polygonal Lasso tool), create a selection in the form of a triangle. Copy and paste the design details onto a new layer, then move it slightly to the side.

In the same way copy, paste and move a few more parts of the image.

In the middle of the circle, in the middle of the image, place large numbers. Color – dark blue, matched in the document.

Add a layer mask, using brushes, lightly wash the corners of the numbers so that they fit harmoniously into the overall picture of the retro poster.

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