Big-eyed banana

To make fruits look big, open Photoshop and repeat all the steps step by step:

1. Open the photo with your favorite fruit.

2. Create a new layer and name it Eye.
3. Take the tool and make a round selection for the eye.

4. Select the radial tool gradient .
Set the gradient colors according to this principle: from the lightest color of your fruit to the darkest color of the fruit. Colors are determined by the pipette

Since we are using a banana in this lesson, the gradient is set accordingly from light yellow to dark orange.

5. Draw a gradient as shown:

6. Create a new layer.
7. Select again and make a small selection for the pupil.
8. Take and fill the selection with black.

9. Click CTRL + E, to merge the pupil with the eyeball.

10. Take hold down Alt and drag a copy of the eye. Place a copy where you see fit. Understand with the layers. Move the first eye we created above the second. Second, slightly reduce.

11. Make the banana layer active.
12. Take the dimmer

13. Darken the area around the eyes. This will give the effect of deepening, as well as add more reality to the image.

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