Brush print

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to use vector brushes.

1. Create a new document. 300×300, and apply the filter Filter> Render> Clouds, where as the primary color #FFFFFF, and background # FE9E06

2. Create a new layer (the second in a row), now take a brush with black color that can draw something similar (see the screenshot).

3. Then you need to add color. Why go to the menu Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Gradient Map select the color you like and click Ok

4. Now you have three layers, drag the gradient layer to the second place in the layers panel

5. Now you should get this:

6. On the top layer go to menu. Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Brightness / Contrast, to enhance the contrast of this layer. Make the following settings for Brightness. +four, Contrast (contrast) +sixteen

7. Create a new layer (this is the fifth in a row) and go to the menu Edit> Fill> White. Now take some brush (in this lesson vector is best suited) and draw something gray. Look do not overdo it with tassels!

8. Now you need these drawings to take on the background color that you drew earlier. Click on the window of the gray pattern and click Select Layer Transparency

9. Then select the “white” layer and press the button “Backspace”. After that, make a layer with gray patterns invisible (click on the small eye opposite the layer) or delete it.

10. Now add text. Write your name or whatever you want.

Then on this text layer, you must again select the layer transparency (Select Layer Transparency) and select the “white layer”. Then click “Backspace” and make the layer invisible or delete it.

11. Create a new layer and add a stroke.
Select> All and Edit> Stroke>1px
Color – black, inside (inside)

Great truth!

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