Burning hoop

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will draw a burning hoop with you.

1. Open a new document and then in the center create a black circle using the Elliptical Selection tool. .

2. In the filter menu, select Disort> Polar Coordinates (The distortion is polar coordinates), change the value to “Polar to Rectangular”.
Now rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise. To do this, click Image – Rotate Canvas (Image – rotate canvas – rotate 90 degrees clockwise).

3. Now select the filter in the menu Stylize> Wind (Styling – wind), select values:
Method – wind (method – wind)
Direction – left (direction – from the left).

Repeat this action two more times (Ctrl + F).

4. Now rotate the image 90 degrees counterclockwise, duplicate the layer (Ctrl + J), and transform it 180 degrees. Overlay settings change to Difference (Difference) and merge layers (Ctrl + E).

5. Now use the filter Disort> Polar Coordinates (Distortion – polar coordinates) and set the following values:

6. Duplicate the layer and rotate it 90 degrees, change the blending mode to Vivid light (Bright light).

7. Now to add color click Ctrl + U and set the following values ​​for the first layer:

8. For the second such:

9. Here is the result!

You can use such spiky fire rings to create your own collages.

Author: pagecurve

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