Celebrate Earth Day

Today, April 22 is the most global holiday – Earth Day.
Especially for this event, I decided to create a creative poster and in this lesson I will show you how to do it.

Download the following images or use your own (click on the image to download in larger size):

To begin, create a new document (CTRL + N) with a size of 1038x1550px with a white background.

Thanks to this resolution, we will have enough space to add grass and flowers to the man’s head.

After that we load the picture with the head into Photoshop and, using Pen tool (Pen) (P), delete the background. If you do not like the pen, you can use another way convenient for you. Cut the head, drag it to the document that we created at the beginning.

Next, open the image with the ground and do the same thing as with the head. To clean the background we will use Magic wand tool (Magic Wand) (W), activate the tool and simply click on the white area. We press the button delete (delete) on the keyboard. Wipe leaves Eraser tool (Eraser) (E).

To remove that little piece of the plant that remained on the ground, we will use Clone stamp tool (Stamp) (S). Enlarge the image (ctrl +) and activate the tool.

Holding the key Alt, we copy area with the earth, and then we simply sketch (ALT at the same time it is not necessary to hold it any more).

Adjust slightly Eraser (E)

We drag the earth on the very first document, arranging it so that it is on the man’s head.

Key combination CTRL + T call Free transform.
Holding the key SHIFT, we adjust the size of the earth to the size of the head.

There are white areas on the picture. Remove them with Eraser tool (Eraser) (E). Here I used a special brush with jagged edges, which is in the standard set of Photoshop.

Erase the part of the head that looks out of the ground. Before this, we duplicate the layer with the head (CTRL + J) and hide the copy by clicking on the eye on the layers panel.

Some areas still don’t look good. Therefore, we use again Clone stamp tool (Stamp) (S) and correct it. Do not forget to duplicate and hide the layer with the ground before you work Stamped.

Now add some falling earth on this guy’s forehead. For this we will use Brush tool (Brush) (B).
As the main color, select dark gray, and for the background color – light gray.

Go to the brush settings. Window – Brushes (Window – Brushes). We set the following parameters.

Create a new layer above the rest and paint with a brush to create the effect of dirt.

Now open the grass image and do the same procedure as with the ground, i.e. delete the background and drag it to the document. Properly dispose and customize the size.

In this position, the grass does not look very. Is not it? Therefore, using Eraser tool (Eraser) (E), divide it into pieces and slightly reduce. Add the effect of dirt.

Next, I added flowers and insects. I will not describe this stage in detail, since it is similar to the previous ones.

Now it’s time for text. I decided to write “Think Green or BECOME GREEN” (something like “think over green (or green) or BECOME GREEN” – note from the translator). The phrase that you choose should cling. Try to take this seriously.

The text will not be easy. For this we need a picture with the image of green leaves.
You can use this.

Or any other.
Activate the tool Horizontal type tool (Horizontal text) (T) and, in fact, we write the phrase itself. Font choose at its discretion.

Duplicate (CTRL + J) layer with the text and copy the rasterize (right-click on the layer and select “Rasterize”). Original hide. If your text is on two layers, like mine, then they must first be merged together (CTRL + E).

Now drag the text onto the picture with the leaves.

Activating the layer with leaves and holding down the CTRL key, click on the thumbnail of the text layer in the layers panel.

If you did everything right, a selection will appear around the text.

Making sure that we are still on the layer with wet leaves, and the selection is active, press the key combination CTRL + X, and then CTRL + V. As a result, the text, as it were, cut out the form from the leaves. Drag this layer onto the black text by not shifting a few millimeters to the side to create a shadow effect.

Add (optional) Earth Day logo 2010 and the work is finished.

Thank you for reading the lesson. I hope after this great ideas will visit you.

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