Children’s photo holder

Have you ever tried to make a baby photo holder? Well, in this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to make a simple smiling flower holder for a photo.

First, create a new document, approximately 500×500 pixels, white.

Let’s start by creating a base for the holder. Choose an arbitrary shape – a flower (This is the standard form)

Use color #94cb00, to get this image:

Now apply “Layer Styles” Drop shadow and Inner glow (Shadow and internal luminescence), as shown in the figures.

I think we need to add petals to our green form. To do this, select the tool Burn tool ( dimmer; Shadows, 30%) and draw as below:

Well, it’s time to add a core to our flower. Using the Ellipse Tool draw a circle and fill it with colorfff93a.

Then apply the following styles to this layer: Drop shadow, Inner shadow, Outer glow, Inner glow (Shadow and inner shadow, outer glow and inner glow).

Ok, now we need to draw a smiling face. But first I would like to add some highlights. Using tool create an elliptical selection and fill it with a linear gradient from white to transparent.

Make a new selection like in the image below and click Ctrl + Shift + I to invert it, then click the Delete button to remove the highlight outside the selection.

Press Ctrl + D to deselect. Fine! Now select the Ellipse Tool To create a black eye shape, as in the picture below:

Duplicate the layer and move the eye.

Now we need to add a mouth. Create a circular selection with the tool. and fill it with NEW LAYER in black.

Create a new selection and cut off part of the circle, like this:

Remove selection (Ctrl + D).
Merge eyes and mouth in one layer (Ctrl + E) and rotate it (Ctrl + T).

Now add some tapes. You can do it with a pen (Pen Tool). Use color #94cb00.

To give the ribbons a three-dimensional look, use the Dodge tool. (clarifier; average tones 30%)

Now use the Burn Tool (dimmer; shadows 30%)

In the “Layer Styles” window, select “Shadow” and “Outer Glow” (Drop Shadow and Outer Glow) and apply the following settings:

Good. The flower is ready with us. Now find the photo on which we will pin it.

Open the photo and give it the following Layer Styles:

External glow (Outer Glow)

Stroke (Stroke) with the following meanings:

Move the flower in the photo.

Children’s photo holder is ready!

Author: photoshopstar

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