Christmas card in retro style

The holiday time is coming, Christmas time, and therefore the time has come for our holiday lesson. This year we present you a postcard made in the style of the 80s, which was inspired by the work of the author Arkuma. We will create it in Photoshop CS6.

So in this tutorial we will create an image using basic filters and effects to create a vintage style. The lesson uses AvantGarde and FreestyleScrD fonts.

Materials for the lesson:

PSD file

Step 1

Open Photoshop and create a new document with the size of 2880x1800px. Then as a background layer I use Radial gradient (Radial Gradient) from # a4a4a4 to black. Then I add another layer above, fill it with a purple color (# 8e70b2) and set the Blend Mode for it (Blend Mode) Multiplication (Multiply).

Step 2

Create a grid in Illustrator using the Rectangular Grid tool and load it into Photoshop (you can also create a grid in Photoshop in any way you like). The lines must be white.

Go to parameter Layer style (Layer Style) External glow (Outer Glow), set the Blend Mode (Blend Mode) to brighten the base (Color Dodge), Opacity (75%), set to 75%, for the Color (Color), set white, Spread (5%) and Size (Size) 10 pixels.

Step 3

Put a layer in a folder and change it. Blend mode (Blend Mode) on Lightening basics (Color Dodge) 60%. Then apply Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) to the layer with the grid.

Step 4

Create a triangle and fill it with a dark magenta color (# 191123).

Step 5

Duplicate the triangle layer, then go to the menu Layer (Layer) – Layer style (Layer Style) – Stroke (Stroke). Set size (Size) 5 px, Position (Position) – Outside (Outside), color (Color) – white.

Step 6

Select option Internal glow (Inner Glow) and apply the values ​​listed below.

Step 7

Select External glow (Outer Glow) and apply the values ​​listed below.

Step 8

You have a triangle with a soft glow, setting on the grid. Now add the text. With the tool Horizontal text (Horizontal Type) write the word Christmas.

Step 9

Apply a few Layer styles (Layer Style) to text. Go to the menu Layer (Layer) – Layer Style (Layer Style) – Embossing (Bevel and Emboss). Apply the values ​​listed below.

Step 10

Add a chrome gradient. Of course, you can create it yourself, but I will use the standard gradient in Photoshop.

Step 11

After applying the layer styles, duplicate this layer, right-click on the “fx” icon in the layers panel. Select Create layers (Create Layers) .So, for each effect a separate layer was created, one of which has Gradient (Gradient). Activate this layer and use the Stamp tool to draw small peaks along the center of the gradient.

Step 12

Add a new layer above all the others, with a soft-edge brush, start painting over the triangle – blue above, green green along the center, and purple below.

Step 13

Place layers with these colors in a separate group and set the folder as Blend mode (Blend Mode) Overlap (overlay).

Step 14

Add the word merry in the color # ff009.

Step 15

Add more layer styles. At first Inner shadow (Inner Shadow) (in the image below you will find the necessary parameters for input)

Step 16

Internal glow (Inner Glow) (in the image below you will find the necessary parameters for input)

Step 17

External glow (Outer Glow) (in the image below you will find the necessary parameters for

Step 18

If all this time you clearly followed the instructions in the lesson, you should have this:

Step 19

Add a new layer above the other layers, place it in a separate group. Tool brush (Brush) draw white dots, creating a glow effect.

Step 20

Select all the layers and duplicate them. Merge all new layers into one, then go to menu Filter (filter) – Noise (Noise) – Add noise (Add noise). In the parameters, specify the values ​​of the Effect (Amount) 5%, Distribution (Distribution) According to Gauss (Gaussian) and activate the Monochromatic parameter.

Step 21

Go to menu Layer (Layer) – New Adjustment Layer (New Adjustment Layer) – Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation). Set the Color Tone (Hue) to 0, Saturation (Saturation) to 1, Brightness (Lightness) – 13


You can add another layer with radial gradient (Radial Gradient) from magenta to black with Blending mode (Blend Mode) Linear basis (Linear Dodge). You can also add texture as lines. To do this, create a new document size 4×4 px. Fill half the image with black and the other with white. Thus, you get 2 lines.

Go to menu Editing (Edit) – Define pattern (Define Pattern). Go back to the document with our work and add a new layer, fill it with the pattern you just created. Install Blend mode (Blend Mode) on Darkening basics (Color dodge) Opacity parameter set to 30%. Work is ready. Now you can add some more effects to your liking.

Other options

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