City Wallpapers

In this simple tutorial, you will learn how to create a collage using ordinary photos and brushes Photoshop, as well as learn how to make a reflection for a complex object.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. First of all, create a new document with such dimensions. 1280 × 1024 72px per inch (File> New 1280? 1024 px and 72 dpi). Set the foreground color to black and with the tool Fill (Paint Bucket Tool (G)), fill the background layer.

Step 2. Pick up the image of the car at your discretion, preferably on a monophonic background. Using tool Eraser (Eraser Tool (E)), separate it from the background. You can use other techniques to highlight an object: a quick mask, a pen, a magic wand, channels. Choose a convenient way for you.

Step 3. After separating the car from the background, place it in your document, above the background layer.

Step 4. Copy the layer with the car using the key combination (Ctrl + J). Call Free transformation (Free Transform option (Ctrl + T) and flip the copy (flip vertically), as in the screenshot.

Step 5. Call again Free transformation (Free Transform option (Ctrl + T), but this time select the option Deformation (Warp) and change the shape of the car on the copy to get a reflection.

Step 6. Standing on a copy of the car layer with a tool Eraser (Eraser Tool), erase part of the reflection as shown. I want to dob Note that for this action you can also use a black and white gradient on the mask.

Step 7. Download brushes with clouds and vector colors. Vector flowers will be useful to us a little later, and now choose Brush (Brush) as in the picture.

Step 8. Create a new layer, place it below the car layer. Make the print already selected with a brush, color # ACF1E8.

Step 9. Activate the tool Pen (Pen Tool (P)) and draw the outline of a city consisting of two, three buildings. Fill it with the same color as the clouds and also place this layer below the car layer.

Step 10. Make a copy of the last made layer with the city, changing the copy color to # 3F4A49. Arrange it as in the screenshot.

Step 11. Select brush (Brush), from previously loaded and make prints with a brush on a new layer. Use colors #E9C16D and79b3b0 . Also place this layer below the car layer.

Step 12. Now create diagonal lines for our wallpapers. First, select the tool Line (Line Tool (U)), put the color 654143 and draw a line. Copy the layer with the line several times. Then, holding down the Shift + Ctrl keys and using the up and down arrows, position the lines.

Step 13. Merge layers with lines into one using the key combination Ctrl + E. Select created layer and use options. Free transformation (Free Transform), for example Perspective, Tilt (Perspective; Skew). Arrange the layer with the lines as in the screenshot.

That’s all! Wallpapers are ready. Full size you can see the wallpaper here.

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