Colour pencils

In this tutorial you will learn how to make creative wallpaper with colored pencils.

First we create a document of size 500×300 pixels. with white background.

Take the tool Rectangular marquee tool (rectangular selection), make a selection, as in the figure below and fill it with color # 7000a4 on a new layer. This will be the base for the first pencil.

After that, we take the instrument again. rectangular selection (Rectangular Marquee Tool) and draw a selection of about 1/3 of our base. We use the tool clarifier (Dodge Tool) with parameters: brush 50 pixels., Mode: lights (Highlights), exposure: (Exposure) 50% to create one facet of our pencil.

Now create the same selection, but now on the other side of the pencil.
Tool dimmer (Burn Tool) with parameters: brush 50 pixels., Mode: shadows (Shadows), exposure: 40% to create the right edge of the pencil.

Deselect (Cntrl + D) and apply a layer style internal glow (Inner Glow)

Now we have a beautiful pencil, isn’t it?

Go to the next step. Duplicate the pencil layer (Ctrl + J) and move this layer a bit to the right, then go to the menu Image> Correction> Hue / Saturation (Image> Adjustments> Hue / Saturation) to get a different color for our second pencil.

You can see the result in the figure below.

Add the same images with pencils until we fill the entire background.

Now we need to add something unusual. Choose one of your pencils and tool Rectangular marquee tool(rectangular selection) select some upper part of the pencil and click Delete. Deselect (Cntrl + D)

Now you need to make the top of the pencil. Choosing a tool Polygonal Lasso Tool (rectilinear lasso) and make a selection, as in the figure below.

Using Elliptical Marquee Tool (oval selection) and holding the alt button, delete a small part.

In the same way, delete 2 more parts, and then fill the selection with color # f0d196. on a new layer.

Then using the tool Dodge tool (lightening agent) the parameters are the same; we lighten the left part of the pencil tip.

Using tool Burn tool (dimmer) dim the right edge.

Using the tool Rectangular marquee tool (rectangular lasso) create a small rectangle (this will be a colored rod) and use: Image> Adjustments> Hue / Saturation (Image> correction> hue / saturation), the parameters below.

You should have the following:

remove selection and apply layer style Drop shadow (shadow)

See the difference?

And the last thing to do is add an inscription on a pencil.
I use the tool Horizontal type tool (Horizontal Text) write your inscription in white (the author used the Electrofied font), but you can use any other.

Then apply Edit> Transfrom> Rotate 90 CCW
(edit> transform> rotate 90 degrees vs h / s) to rotate our text vertically.

Apply style Drop shadow (shadow) to this layer.

It worked out very well, didn’t it?

Here is our final result. You can also use this method to create colorful and interesting wallpapers.

But what happened with me:

Translator: Sabchuk Angelina
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