Convex sphere

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to draw convex spherical objects.

Create a new document. 307 x 199. Fill it with dark blue (2f3e4e) and go to the next step.

Now, right-click on the background layer in the layers palette and select the line “Blending Options …“(Add style window)

There select style “Gradient overlay“(gradient overlay)
Blend Mode – Multiplication
Linear Style

Set the same gradient:

This is what should work.

Next, create a new layer and take the Brush tool with white color, also set the size and stiffness as shown below:

Click once at the bottom of the image as seen in the screenshot, then decrease the value. Fill (color density) to 23%.

Next, take the Ellipse Shape tool. and draw a circle in shape mode, set color 7cd7ec.

Also from the Add Styles window, select the style “Satin“(silk) with settings:

That’s what you get.

Draw another circle of the same color and size as the first.

Here again, apply the style “silk”, but with different settings:

Here’s what happens:

Now hold down the “Ctrl” and click on the layer with any circle – a selection will appear.

Create a new layer. Select the fill tool. Change the fill type to pattern (texture). Next, select the texture type Herringbone as it shown on the picture:

That’s what you should do. Do not deselect.

Go to menu Filter – Distort – Ripple (Filter – Distortion – Ripple), make the following settings:

Decrease the parameter Fill (color density) to 22% to get the following:

Next, take the brush color 1e94e8, settings, see below. Create a new layer.

Paint some areas on this new layer, and then change the layer blending mode to “Color Dodge” (9th from above)

Create a new layer and draw more white specks.

Next, create a new document, the parameters are shown below.

When you have drawn something similar, go to the main menu and select Edit – Define Pattern (Editing – define texture)

Name your texture and click OK. Then close the document with the texture.

Next, create a new layer in the layers palette, take the fill and change the fill type to pattern (texture). Select your texture and fill it with a layer.

Press “Ctrl” and click on the circle layer to select it. Now go to the main menu Select – Inverse (Selection – Invert).

Make sure you are on a layer with a new texture, then go to the menu Edit – Cut (Editing – cut).

Make a selection again. Then in the main menu, select Filter – Distort – Spherize (Filter – Distortion – Sphere)

Set the following settings:

This is what you should get.

The selection is still active. Create a new layer. Go to menu Edit – Stroke (Editing – Stroke). Width – 2, Colour – the black, position – in the center.

Then select the tool and black color. Draw an oval under a large ball. Place this layer under all layers that belong to a large sphere, but above the background layer.

Add “Outer Glow” style
with these settings:

Click OK.
Here is what you have now:

Now go to the menu Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur and set the following values:

Here is the result !!!
All those who have come to the end of this lesson are GREAT GOOD WELLNESS!

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