Cool circle!

In this Photoshop tutorial we will learn how to make an original stylized circle.

Open a new document.

Using tool Elipse tool(U) holding down shift, draw a circle.

Color for the circle you can choose the one
which you like best.

Right click on the layer Shape 1 and select the command Rasterize Layer. After panel Layers should look like this:

Click twice with the left mouse button on the layer Shape 1, to go to the panel Layer style.
Then follow the steps below:

Drop shadow
Distance 1px, Spread 13%, Size 46px

Bevel and emboss
Depth 41%, Size 57px, Soften 4px

Range 40%

Blend Mode = Multiply (color white), Opacity 50%, Distance 46px, Size 152px

Color overlay (optional)

Here you can choose any color you like.
I, for example, took the black.
Here is the approximate result of our actions:

Now draw a new circle (it should be smaller than the first) and place it in the center of the first circle, as shown in the figure.

Rasterize the second circle layer.
Go to panel Layer style (double click on the layer Shape 2).
Follow the steps below.

Inner shadow
Distance 17px, Choke four%, Size 110px

Bevel and Emboss

Depth 101%, Size 193px, Soften 8px,
Glass Contour: Cove-Deep;
Highlight Mode: Screen; Opacity 15%
Shadow Mode: Multiply; Opacity ten%.

Contour: Cone-Inverted; Range 15%

Color overlay (optional)
Blend Mode: Normal, opacity 100%.

And as a result of all the actions we get this original circle:

At the end, you can work with the background and add text:

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