Create 3D logo

In this Photoshop tutorial you will see how to draw stylish 3D logos.

Create a new document. Dimensions can do 400×400 px

Take tool arbitrary shape .
Select a shape as shown in the picture (although this is not critical)

Draw your shape by holding the key Shift:

Go to menu Edit> Transform> Distort (Editing – Transformation – Distortion)
A frame will appear. Grasp the top middle knot and move it slightly down and to the right, so that the figure “lies”.

Press Enter to apply the transform.

And now the most interesting part:
1 – Click CTRL + J (this key combination duplicates the layer)
2 – Then press the up arrow on the keyboard.

Repeat this operation 14-15 times. Like this:

Select the topmost layer and apply the following styles to it:

Gradient overlay


It will turn out like this:

Now select the very first layer with the shape that we created (it turns out to be located above the background layer)

And apply these styles to it: External Glow and Stroke

Here is the result:

Here is another example:

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