Create a bright wallpaper in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to create a beautiful collage with a ballerina. You will learn how to combine stock images and use brushes, as well as how to carry out color correction to create a magic fantasy effect in Photoshop.

Let’s get started!

Final result

Source materials:

Step 1

Create a new document in Photoshop (700X600px). Fill it with black.

Step 2

Create a new layer, select the tool. Radial Gradient (Radiant Gradient):

Step 3

Create a new layer, set brushes to Random Curves, select brush number 1024, brush color 596f7a. Using the selected brush, draw several arbitrary lines, as in the screenshot below. Next, reduce the opacity of the line layer to 60%.

Step 4

Open the stock image ‘Ballerina’. Using tool Pen (Pen Tool), create a selection around the image of the ballerina by moving the selected image to our working document. There are many lessons on the Internet about how to use the pen tool when selecting objects, just read one of these lessons.

Being on a layer with a ballerina, press the keys (Ctrl + M) to correct the model’s light and shadow:

Step 5

Duplicate the ballerina layer, apply to the duplicate layer Overlay options (Blending Options) option Shadow (Drop Shadow):

Reduce the opacity of the duplicate layer with the model to 20%:

Step 6

Duplicate the ballerina layer and the shadow layer. Apply transformation to duplicate layers, for this we go Editing – Transformation – Flip Horizontal (Edit-Transform-Flip Horizontal) and then apply the option Rotate 180 (Rotate 180). Shift duplicate layers down, placing the ballerina below the legs:

Step 7

Create a new layer. Install the Magic Light effects brushes. Apply the following settings for the brush:

Change the blending mode for this layer to Overlap (Overlay), 100%, then duplicate the layer with light effects.

Step 8

Open the stock image ‘Red flowers’. Choose one of the flowers, create a selection around the flower, and then move the selected image to our working document, placing the model above the hands. Apply scaling to the flower image.

Next, make a flower color correction using the correction Color Balance (Color Balance) by pressing the keys (Ctrl + B):

Average tones(Midtones): -100, -12, 30
Shadows (Shadows): -38, -6, -9
Sveta (Highlights): -10, 100, 100

Step 9

Duplicate the flower layer. To duplicate a layer, apply a filter Gaussian blur (Gassian Blu), blur radius 1.5 px. To duplicate a layer, add a layer mask, using a layer mask, loosen the blur on the flower pistil. This action is aimed at softening the edges of the petals.

Combine these two layers with flowers, and then to the combined layer, apply Overlay options (Blending Options) option External glow (Outer Glow):

Step 10

Duplicate the flower layer several times, varying the size of the flowers and the arrangement of duplicate layers, as shown in the screenshot below:

Combine all the layers with flowers. Next, perform color correction using correction Color Balance (Color Balance) by pressing the keys (Ctrl + B):
Mid tones (Midtones): -26, 63, 21

Step 11

Create a new layer. Set the brushes of the Flowers of the Cherry Tree. Select brush number 777. Draw a garland of flowers, as shown in the screenshot below:

On the layer with the garland of flowers, apply the transformation, and then move this layer, placing it below the layer with the ballerina. To the garland layer, add a layer mask to hide the extra areas, as shown in the screenshot below:

Next, go Picture – Correction – A photo Filter(Image-Adjustment-Photo Filter), select the filter Cooling Filter, set the value Density(Density) = 20. Next, apply the filter Contour sharpness(Unsharp Mask).

The result should be as in the screenshot below:

Step 12

Create a new layer. Set the brush Petals of roses. Draw the falling rose petals as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 13

Create a new layer. Install the Magic Butterfly brush. Draw some fluttering butterflies and then on the butterfly layer, apply External glow (Outer glow):

Step 14

Create a new layer. Select the Magic Light Effects brushes again. Draw luminous points along the body of the ballerina:

Step 15

Create a new adjustment layer on top of all layers. Selective color correction (selective color):

Red (Reds): -100, 100, 100, 0
Blue (Cyans): 34, 35, -100, 0
Blue (Blues): 100, 38, -90, 0
Purple (Magentas): -100, -95, 100, 0
Neutral (Neutrals): 2, 0, -13, 0

Step 16

Create a new adjustment layer. Curves (Curves) to enhance light:

They completed the lesson!

You can see the final result in the screenshot below. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Final result

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