Create a Christmas and New Year’s card in Photoshop

?For this time of year, I offer you a wonderful Christmas and New Year greeting card, which you can share with all your loved ones. You can create unique Christmas cards, backgrounds, image headers, wallpapers in just a few simple steps. To help you in the process, I created a set of actions that transforms any shape, text, or raster layer, adding a festive style. You can choose from 10 Christmas styles and effects that can be customized to your liking.

Final image:

Download the archive with materials for the lesson

Step 1

Let’s start with a simple wooden background. You can choose one of the wooden textures from the first link at the beginning of the lesson or you can use the exact image from the second link. I also added an adjustment layer. Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) to slightly discolor the image. You can also adjust the texture using the adjustment layer. Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) depending on your image.

Step 2

Add a layer style Inner glow (Inner Glow) to create a soft vignette.

Step 3

I added a vector shape to the new PSD file. Merry Christmas. You can download a set with vector shapes at the link at the beginning of the lesson.

Step 4

For the text effect, I used my Christmas styles (note: paid resource).

If you want a free solution, then add a Golden style and create a frame of fir branches using this lesson.

Step 5

Download Christmas style and lose action. christmas fir 1.

Note: Steps 5 and 6 are performed in case you downloaded paid Christmas styles.

Step 6

Select an action effect 1 and play it in the same file where you played the action from the previous step. Here is the result.

Step 7

Select the layers with spruce frame and gold text, copy them to the original PSD-file with a wooden background.

Step 8

Download the PNG Golden Bow and add it to Christmas decorative text anywhere. Add a layer style Drop shadow (Shadow) to give a realistic look.

Step 9

Next, add a small snow effect. Draw the shapes shown in the figure below. you can use LassoTool (Lasso) to make a selection and fill it with white.

Step 10

Above this layer, add a new snow texture in the new layer by downloading it from the link at the beginning of the lesson. Right-click on the layer with the snow texture and select Create Clipping Mask (Create Clipping Mask). The source materials provide a link to a large collection of snow and frosty textures, from which you can choose the right one.

Step 11

Select the layer with the snow texture and the layer with the snow shape and convert them to a smart object. Add these layer styles to these smart objects.

Step 12

If you want, you can add other decorations, such as a Christmas Ball. Remove the background and add the following layer styles.

Step 13

Place some Christmas balls. You can easily change their color with the help of correction Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation).

Step 14

As a final stroke, add the falling snow texture to the new layer and set the blending mode Screen (Screen). So, below is the final result of the Christmas and New Year greeting cards. You can use the actions in this tutorial to create your own greeting cards, wallpapers, image captions, etc.

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