Create a creative background from photos in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to create a creative illustration with triangular pixels.

Step 1

Open in Photoshop any photo and ask him the desired size. You need to adjust the size at the beginning of work, otherwise then you will spoil the result.

Step 2

Double duplicate the background layer (Ctrl + J).

Step 3

Activate the free transformation (Ctrl / Cmd + T) and set the horizontal tilt to 45 degrees. You will find this setting on the top panel of the program when the free transformation is activated. When finished, press Enter.

Step 4

Move on Filter – Pixelate – Mosaic (Filter – Design – Mosaic). Enter any cell size and click OK.

Step 5

Activate the transformation again and set the horizontal slope to -45 degrees. When finished, click Enter to confirm the changes.

Step 6

Set the layer opacity to 50% and select the middle layer.

Step 7

Activate the transformation and set the horizontal slope of the middle layer to -45 degrees.

Step 8

Apply again Mosaic filter (Mosaic). To do this in automatic mode, press the Ctrl / Cmd + F combination and Photoshop will apply the last used filter.

Step 9

Activate the transformation and set the horizontal slope of the middle layer to 45 degrees.

Step 10

If you bring the image closer, you will notice that the lines do not converge a bit. To fix this, use the arrow keys and literally slightly move the layer.

We get this result.

Step 11

Any effect can be applied to this image. For example, you can add vintage using Instagram Video Photoshop Actions (which you will find in the archive with materials at the beginning of the lesson) and write a stylish text.

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