Create a creative poster in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a creative futuristic poster using the outlines tool, brushes and stock images.


Step 1

Create an empty document with the following parameters:

Step 2

Slightly textured background. Load the Paint texture and open it in Photoshop. Transfer the texture to the working paper.

Bleach the texture (Ctrl + Shift + U). We will also slightly adjust its size to match the size of the working paper.

Double-click on the texture layer to open the dialog box. Blending options (Overlay options). Install Opacity (Opacity) at 60% and set the parameter Blend if (Overlay if). To split the slider, marked in the screenshot, hold down the Alt key.

Step 3

Now we need to create several geometric shapes that will define the basic design of the work. Set the color to # 000000. In the center of the working canvas draw a circle using Ellipse tool (Ellipse) (U). On the tool parameter panel, select the mode Shape (Figure). Layer shapes are very easy to use and allow you to save valuable time, and during transformation they do not lose in quality.

We draw the second shape using Rectangle tool (Rectangle) (U). Edit the angle with Direct selection tool (Direct selection).

Hit Ctrl + T and rotate the rectangle -45 degrees. To see the changes in the angle of inclination, call the panel Window – Info (Window – Information).

Move the rectangle. We duplicate it a couple of times and place copies as shown below.

Continue at the bottom of the circle.

Step 4

Duplicate the circle (Ctrl + J), move it below the original and increase the size to 145%. Transform, hold Alt + Shift to keep the proportions.

We must make a hole in the circle. Activate the layer vector mask by clicking on its thumbnail on the layers panel. Copy the contour Ctrl + C and paste it Ctrl + V on the same layer. Then press Ctrl + T and reduce the contour to 80%.

After the transformation on the top panel, press the button Exclude overlapping shape areas (Elimination of intersecting areas) to create a hole.

We don’t need the whole circle, so we hide the extra part using a layer mask.

Step 5

Once again we duplicate the central circle and move it to the bottom.

Cut a hole.

Hiding the extra part using a layer mask.

Via Pencil tool (Pencil) (B) on a separate document we create a pattern, as shown below. Then save it Edit – Define Pattern (Editing – Define a pattern). Add a new layer above the red circle. Create a selection and fill it with a pattern. Edit – Fill (Editing – Fill).

Convert the patterned layer to a clipping mask for the red circle (Ctrl + Alt + G).

Duplicate the red circle and delete it. layer mask . We also delete the inner contour with which we created the hole.

Next, we reduce the opacity of the duplicate to 0% and apply the layer style Stroke (Stroke).

Using the mask, we hide the extra part of the circle.

Step 6

We open in Photoshop a photo of the girl. Via Pen tool (Feather) (P) delete the background. Pay special attention to hair.

Insert the model on the working paper. Convert layer to smart object Layer – Smart Objects – Convert to Smart Objects (Layer – Smart Objects – Convert to Smart Object). Adjust the size of the model.

Apply filter Filter – Blur – Smart Blur (Filter – Blur – Smart Blur).

Hold Ctrl and click on the thumbnail of the vector mask of the central circle to load its selection. Then click on the button Add layer mask (Add layer mask) at the bottom of the layers panel.

Edit the layer mask with the model at the bottom.

And the top.

Editing colors with adjustment layers Curves (Curves) and Vibrance (Oscillation).

Step 7

We load the image Stag (img035) into Photoshop. Change color mode Image – Mode – RGB (Image – Mode – RGB), drag and drop on the working document and invert (Ctrl + I).

Place the deer behind the model and change it. blending mode on Lighten (Replacing light).

Step 8

Now open the photo of a man. Bleach the image, adjust the brightness and contrast with Curves (Curves) (Ctrl + M).

Move the head to the working document, adjust the size and reflect horizontally (Ctrl + T).

Set the blending mode to Multiply (Multiplication).

Duplicate the head layer and invert the colors.

We load the selection of the inner circle and using the mask we hide the part of the inverted duplicate of the head, which is outside the inner circle.

Apply a layer style to the outer circle. Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay).

Step 9

Open the image with the flame, copy one of them and paste above the outer circle.

Using a mask and a selection of a circle, remove the extra part of the flame.

Change the blending mode to Screen (Lightening). Increase flame saturation with Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) (Ctrl + U).

Approaching (Ctrl +) place with a flame to remove all the artifacts that occur due to translucent pixels. Activate the flame layer mask and open the dialog box. Levels (Levels) (Ctrl + L). Set the maximum value for midtones.

Step 10

Now let’s do the addition of small details on the layer-shapes. First, open the image with the petals. Select one of them, copy and paste on the working paper.

Place the petal above the middle rectangle and transform it into a clipping mask.

Select the spray with Lasso Tool (Lasso) (L). Copy them and paste over the second rectangle. Adjust the size and reflect horizontally.

Apply to the spray filter Filter – Sharpen – Unsharp Mask (Filter – Sharpness – Contour sharpness). Then convert them to a clipping mask (Ctrl + Alt + G).

Load grunge brushes in photoshop. Select any brush and on a separate layer make a smear in the area of ​​the lower rectangles.

Convert layer to clipping mask for rectangle.

Step 11

Add a sphere.

Then a balloon.

Also add butterflies with the tool Custom shape tool (Arbitrary shape) (u).

If you own the skills to work in Illustrator, then you can create just such an abstract strip. Draw two lines, select them and press Ctrl + Alt + B.

Apply layer style Color overlay (Overlay color).

Step 12

Paste on the working canvas image with splashes. Place them under the layer-shapes. Adjust the size according to the size of the document.

Step 13

We continue to add small details. Load the “star” brush in Photoshop. Select a brush and edit its parameters.

Paint with a brush.

Now add a light line. Create a new layer. Take a soft round brush (B) size of 500 px. Put a spot on the bottom of the document with a brush and transform it.

Place the strip above the flare and invert.

Rotate the strip by – 45 degrees.

With a “star” and an ordinary soft brush we paint small white highlights over the entire image.

With a soft brush, add large highlights of different sizes.

Draw colored spots.

Change the blending mode to Screen (Lightening).

Add details on the model’s face.

Create a new document size 350 x 350 px. Fill it with black and apply the filter. Filter – Render – Lens Flare (Filter – Rendering – Blick).

Drag the highlight on the working paper. Place it over the butterfly and change the blending mode to Screen (Lightening).

Using soft brushes (B) add a couple of color spots.

Add lines with the tool Custom shape tool (Arbitrary shape) (U) and remove the excess.

Draw a few extra lines with Line tool (Line) (U) and rotate them 45 degrees.

And finally, we write the inscription. Perhaps you see fit to add or change something. Act boldly and be creative.

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