Create a flyer for carnival in Photoshop

In mid-February, the famous Rio Carnival is held in Rio de Jeanneros. This year, more than 1 million guests will attend this holiday, culminating in an extravagant parade of the best samba dance schools in Rio.

I really like parties, but because I will not go to Brazil for a carnival, I decided to create a beautiful flyer for a carnival in Rio in Photoshop. In this lesson there is nothing difficult, we use only a few images to create a festive atmosphere, samba, drums, lighting effects. I wish you a wonderful time doing this lesson!

Download the source materials for the lesson

Final result

Step 1

Create a new document. Next, we will create the background for our flyer. Create a new layer. Fill it with a beautiful yellow tint # ffd634, and then add layer styles.

Step 2

Create a new layer. Next, we will add the rays of light using the Rays of Light brush. Select the color of the brush is dark yellow # ffab1a. Reduce the opacity of this layer to 30%, and then add a layer style. Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay).

Step 3

Next, open the original image with a model that you can download on the website 123rf or you can use any other image at your discretion.

Using the selection tool, separate the model image from the background. You can use a very useful tool. Pen ( Pen Tool) for more precise selection. Next, move the selected model image to our working paper.

Step 4

Next, add adjustment layers. Color Balance (Color Balance) as well Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) on top of all layers.

Step 5

Create a new layer. Draw a rectangle at the bottom of the flyer. Fill the rectangle with a light green shade # 10ca02, and also reduce the value Fillings (Fill) up to 85%. Next, add layer styles. Shadow (Drop Shadow) and Stroke (Stroke). Apply the following settings, which are shown in the screenshot below.

Step 6

Add another rectangle, as shown in the screenshot below. Fill this rectangle with black color and then lower the layer opacity to 45%.

Step 7

Type the text inside the rectangle, you can use any font at your discretion.

To make the text look more interesting, I decided to add a glamorous golden style to the text using layer styles.

Step 8

Duplicate the main text layer. Next, move the original text layer a few pixels down and to the right to recreate the 3D effect. I also added additional information about the carnival date.

Step 9

Now let’s add abstract lighting effects to make our holiday flyer look more interesting. Select one of the Bokeh textures, move the selected texture to our working paper. Change the blending mode for the Bokeh texture layer to Lightening (Screen). Next, go Filter – Distortion (Filter> Distort) and select the option Polar coordinates (Polar Coordinates). With this filter, we will create a beautiful and interesting circular lighting effect.

Step 10

Let’s add some more light effects using an abstract texture. Move the abstract texture to our working paper, then duplicate this texture twice by placing the textures on 3 different flyer areas. Change the blending mode for the texture layers to Light replacement (Lighten)

Step 11

Next, add an adjustment layer. Photo filter (Photo Filter) on top of all layers. Apply the following settings.

Step 12

Next, add a texture with light highlights, as shown in the screenshot below. Change the blending mode for the layer with highlights to Lightening (Screen). You can add an adjustment layer. Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) and / or adjustment layer Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) to layers with light highlights as clipping masks, if you want to change the contrast, color, etc.

Step 13

Next, add an adjustment layer. Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) on top of all layers.

Step 14

The festive flyer for the Rio Carnival will not be considered complete without the image of the drums, so add an image of the drums to our working paper. Remove the background on the image with the drum. Duplicate the drum layer, then turn the drums, as shown in the screenshot below. Next, go Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) to add depth of field.

Step 15

Create a new layer. Using the Feather brush, add feathers to the foreground, as shown in the screenshot below. Use colorful feather shades, such as # 20d71c. Also on the feather layer, apply a filter. Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) to add speakers to the image.

Step 16

If you want, you can add a little splash effect using the Grunge brushes; brush color is white.

Step 17

As a final touch, add adjustment layers. Color Balance (Color Balance) and Vibration (Vibrance).

Step 18

To add sharpness to the image, you can use the filter Colour contrast (High Pass).

We have completed the lesson! The final result of the Holiday Flyer for the Carnival of Rio can be seen in the screenshot below. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Final result

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