Create a movie poster in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will create a black and white movie poster. You can use my images or your own to complete the lesson.

Final result:

Lesson resources:

Step 1. I will work with a photo of my friend. The choice fell on this photo because the image of a girl on a bicycle perfectly conveys the mood of the 40s of the last century, the second world war.

Open the photo with the girl in Photoshop. In the screenshot below, I marked two lines. These are electric poles. They need to be removed, because in the 40s of the last century, they did not exist yet ..

Note: the author initially uses the B & W photo. If you are going to use your photo, it will most likely be in color. In this article you will find four ways to transfer color photos into black and white.

Step 2. Choose a tool Stamp (Clone Stamp Tool) (S) and adjust it as shown below.

Step 3. Hold the Alt key and click on the sky marked in red. Then with single clicks, paint the pillars.

Step 4. Wash parts of poles closer to the ground with a smaller brush.

Step 5. Now add clouds to the sky. Open the photo of clouds in Photoshop and go to the menu Image> Corrections> Curves (Image> Adjustments> Curves). The settings are shown below in the screenshot.

Step 6. Drag the clouds into the main document tool Move (Move Tool) (V). Tool Freetransformation (Ctrl + T) change the size of the clouds so that they fit our canvas. Hide the clouds layer for a while. Choose a tool Pen (Pen Tool) (P) and draw a contour around the sky, passing through the horizon line, as shown below. After that, right-click and select To form a selected area (Make Selection). Enter a shading radius of 5 pixels.

Step 7. Make the cloud layer visible and position it as shown below. Invert the selection (Ctrl + Shift + I) and press Delete.

Step 8. Choose a tool Eraser (Eraser Tool) (E) and configure as shown below. Carefully erase the bottom edge of the clouds.

Step 9. Choose a tool Clarifier (Dodge Tool) (O) and set it up just like an eraser. Outline the lower edge of the clouds. If one time is not enough, repeat the process. You can increase the size of the brush tool to increase the brightness.

Step 10. Now add blur to the clouds so that they are out of focus, like the rest of the background. Just apply the filter Gaussian blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur).

Step 11. Since this is a movie poster about a movie from the time of 1940, you need to make it old with texture. Paste the texture provided at the beginning of the lesson into our document. Change its size to fit the size of the canvas. Place it on top of the other layers and set Blend mode (Blending mode) on An exception (Exclusion).

Step 12. Select a background layer with a girl and go to the menu Image> Corrections> Photo Filter (Image> Adjustments> Photo Filter). The settings are shown below.

Step 13. Add a title. I used the font “Bodoni XT”. Go to menu Window> Symbol (Window> Character) and customize the font as shown below. Tool Horizontal text (Horizontal Type Tool) (T) write the word “TRAVEL”. Create a new layer and write on it the yellow word “the” without underlining. Use the Free Transform tool (Ctrl + T) to vertically position the word as shown below.

Step 14. Under the title of the film you can add a quote and some names of actors. Double click on the text layer to open the styles window and apply Shadow (Drop Shadow). The style settings are shown below. The names of the actors write in yellow.

Step 15. Now add a couple of pieces to highlight the names of the actors. Tool Arbitrary shape (Custom Shape Tool) (U) create the shape shown below to the left of the actor’s name. After that, make a copy of it (Ctrl + J) and flip horizontally using the Free Transform tool (Ctrl + T). Tool Brush (Brush Tool) (B) with hard edges, draw dots between the names of the actors.

Step 16. At the bottom of the poster they write information about the producers, insert logos and other elements that are usually used when creating posters. I used the font “SFMovie” and wrote the following: “UNIVERSAL PICTURES AND IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT PRESENT IN ASSOCIATION WITH RELATIVITY ..CO PRODUCER … EDITOR … PRODUCTION DESIGNER …. DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY … EXECTUVIE PRODUCERS … PRODUCED BY … WRITTERN BY ”.
The size of the letters of the names should be 120pt, and the rest of the words – 60pt.

Step 17. Now insert the vector feathers and change their color to yellow. To separate one part from another, use any selection tool.

Step 18. In the upper left corner you can add the “TUTZOR” logo. Tool Rectangle (Rectangle Tool) (U) create a shape and tool Free transform (Ctrl + T) rotate it. Position in the corner as shown below. Color of a figure – 55% gray. In the same font as for the title of the film, write “as seen on” in size 80pt and “TUTZOR” in size 150pt.

Final result:

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