Create a music poster in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a music poster in Photoshop.

Final result

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So, we have everything we need, let’s get started!

STEP 1. Create a new document 1000px wide and 2000px high.

STEP 2. Open the paper texture and move it to our document.

STEP 3. Now, create a new layer. For this, let’s go Layer – New Layer (Layer> New Layer). Next, choose a round soft brush and randomly apply brush strokes of different color shades.

STEP 4. Next, apply a blur, go Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur).

STEP 5. Now, reduce the layer’s opacity to 35%.

STEP 6. Create another new layer, select the tool. Polygonal Lasso (Polygonal lasso) and create a selection at an angle in the form of a rectangle.

STEP 7. Fill the selection with the color shade # 000000.

STEP 8. Repeat the same process, draw more lines of different color shades.

STEP 9. Next, change the blending mode to Overlap (Overlay) and reduce Opacity (opacity) layers up to 75%.

STEP 10. Open the guitar image and roughly select the guitar with the tool Fast selection (Quick selection), then move the image of the guitar to our document, placing it on top of our lines.

STEP 11. Next, we will add shadows to the guitar layer. Let’s go Layer – Layer Style – Blending Options (Layer> Layer style> Drop shadow).

STEP 12. Create a new layer and then select a soft round brush. Apply the brush on the guitar using the color shade # d5652c.

STEP 13. Next, change the blending mode for this layer to Chromaticity (Color).

STEP 14. Next, we will apply a lot of brushes. Therefore, make sure that for each individual brush, you need to create a separate new layer. So select the Wings brushes, set the foreground color to # ffffff. And apply the specified brush on top of the guitar, then change the blending mode to Soft color (Soft light).

STEP 15. Next, select the Floral Pattern Brushes and arbitrarily apply them on the guitar, using color shades like #ffffff, # 000000 and # ba9b6f.

STEP 16. Next, select a round brush, color # 000000. And brush a little over the top of the guitar.

STEP 17. Repeat the same process with different brushes. Circles and different color shades.

STEP 18. It’s time to add a headline. To do this, select the text tool and type a caption using the color shade # 604f34.

STEP 19. Let’s apply layer styles to our text, for this goes Layer – Layer Styles – Stroke (layer> Layer style> stroke).

STEP 20. Next, go Layer – Layer Styles – Shadow (Layer> Layer style> Drop shadow). If you want, you can add a small pattern to the text.

STEP 21. Add more text. You can use any color shades that you like.

STEP 22. Type the word “Music” in the right corner. Use the same settings as the heading, just change the color tone to # a68662. Then, reduce the opacity to 25%. To finish the job, you can use some Wings brushes in the background.

STEP 23. Next, go Image – Correction – Brightness / Contrast (Images> Adjustments> Brightness and contrast).

Final result

And so, our Music Poster is ready. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and learned something interesting.

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